Ray lives in Allerton and will represent South Liverpool. He is retired and spends his spare time volunteering, playing bowls and singing in the Liverpool Male Voice Choir. His nickname is ‘Happy Days’ and he’s looking forward to many new experiences as a Liverpool Cultural Champion.

Ray’s favourite things

Writer –  Alexander Kent
He writes about war at sea in the age of sail.

Film – Dirty Harry
I thought Clint Eastwood was great.

Song – A Day in the Life by The Beatles
Because it was written on the top of an 86 bus.

TV show – 24
I really enjoyed the action.

Play – Blood Brothers
Saw the first one with Barbara Dickson and Andrew Schofield and remains the best play for me.

Artist – William Yeames
The artist who painted ‘and when did you last see your father’

Website – Ebay
I love browsing looking for bargains.

Building – The Liver Buildings
Such an awesome silhouette on the waterfront skyline.

Restaurant – Bistro Jaques
Good food, well cooked, at a reasonable price.

View  – Liverpool viewed from Mossley Hill

Shop – Home and Bargain
I love their variety and price of everyday things.

Person – Ken Dodd
A happy Liverpudlian, and our greatest ambassador.

5 responses to “Ray”

  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    What a great afternoon at the Philharmonic Hall, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did Ray, ‘In Harmony’ West Eveton’s Children’s Orchestra was absolutley amazing , Great work by all the children and well done to all the staff.

  2. jayhsea747 says :

    Appreciate your positive comments Ray, missed the group on Friday- will catch you at writing session ok.

  3. george eleady-cole says :

    hi ray, My name is George Eleady-cole could you please forward this information about an event launch to your friends. Cheers

    The Writer’s Showcase is a brand new night the would be starting on the 12 of July in Liverpool. Held at Hannah’s Bar, the show is a mixture of music, comedy and poetry, bringing you the cultural blend of the European capital of Culture 08.

    The show will begin with a Bang!!. You’d be in the company of the talented Thom Morecroft, his unique voice and sound is not to be missed. Kathleen Button, who’s sound was described by Sir Paul McCartney as Beautifully melodic and inspiring. Muzanda a Brazilian guitar duo and the Famous Penny Lane Poet. plus many more.

    Tickets can be purchased on line: http://letsocial.co.uk/london/item/writers-showcase (early bird special £1:80 per person)

    or on the door.

    join the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/writersshowcase

  4. Nic Corke says :

    Hi Ray
    Hope to see you in the Corke Art Gallery as we are in South Liverpool – if you are free Friday 7-9pm there is a private view for the new show by Huw Lewis Jones and George Cannon. This is a pop show running alongside the Martin Greenland exhibition Inventions & Reinventions by 2006 winner of the John Moores Painting Prize.

    Details are on the website at http://www.corkeartgallery.co.uk

    Best wishes and hope to see you or any of your other Cultural Champion colleagues soon.

    Nic Corke

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