John Wishart lives in Fairfield and is representing the City & North neighbourhood. He has two daughters and has a big passion for music. He claims he will grab any opportunities that come his way this year, and wants to make a contribution to the city’s cultural life.

John’s favourite things

Book/Writer – The Moons a Balloon by David Niven
I know it’s a biography of sorts and he’s an actor rather than an author but this book had a profound affect on me t during my teens. It was a hilariously entertaining and self-effacing account of a hugely successful man who never took himself in any way as seriously as his admirers did. It inspired me to attempt to be confident in my own abilities without a cost to others. Several other little unintentional life lesson gems were to be found through his anecdotes and frank take on the business they call show.

Film – The Godfather I and II
For me it is the yardstick for all epic tales to follow.I love the Story for starters.full of drama and action and intrigue. the performances are impeccable and I’ve been a fan of pacino ever since.

Song – At this present time Bottlecaps by Inara George
Her voice is soft and so beautiful she could sing the nine o’clock news and all would feel well about the world.

TV show – I love Modern Family
I don’t think I’ve seen an episode I never belly laughed at. An absolute tonic to the senses.

Play – Katy Crackernuts at the Liverpool Playhouse
A young Gillian Kearney played the lead in a fairytale parody that was years before Shrek and was twice as funny.

Artist – Louis Jacques Mand Daguerre
I only know one piece of work by him and that is The Ruins of Holyrood Chapel, displayed in the Walker art Gallery and for that alone he is my favourite as I absolutely adore that picture and could look at it for longer than is deemed sane.

Website – I have to say I’m always drawn to Facebook
I use other websites for other things but for me Facebook caters for quite a few things simultaneously. It’s great for me to find out what’s on with bands I’m interested in or places I’m interested in visiting, keeping in touch with distant relatives and friends and also networking.

Building – I love St Georges Hall
How it looks from the outside is stunning enough in itself but the fact that anyone can enter for free and be more entertained by its interior than you’d expect to be is the clincher.

Restaurant – I quite like Jamies’ Italian
I really favour Italian food and I was surprised by just how reasonable it was to dine there considering the Kudos attached to the Jamie Oliver name.

View – I like the view as I’m walking up or down Bold street
It always seems to be a hive of interesting looking folk going about their business and bringing the road to life with their own energy. Quite cosmopolitan I suppose and a nice place to window shop.

Shop – I love Curly’s
the place makes me salivate as i am trying to master the guitar and often enter the shop promising myself that if I improve enough then I will reward myself with whatever good guitar takes my fancy. (Maybe for my 70th birthday!)

Person – It may be an obvious choice but I would have to say Paul McCartney.
I’ve always been a huge fan of his songwriting. I also believe that most people know him as Paul McCartney from the Beatles from Liverpool. I think as much as he hasn’t lived here in over forty years he represents Liverpool all over the world and I thank him for that and am proud of what he has and is still achieving.

6 responses to “John”

  1. Linda Conroy says :

    John great Champs meeting really enjoyed the chat

  2. jayhsea747 says :

    Thanks for support comment John, will catch up at the writing session.

  3. David Thomas Crawley says :

    Hi John
    I hope you can make our Light Night event on Friday 18th May 2012 at Domino Gallery. We have four fantastic musicians playing and a twitter campaign!

    Please see our blog for details

  4. Alan Barnes says :

    John, I thought you may be interested to know that local writing group, Scottie Writers will be taking part in Light Night at the Central Library on Friday 16 May starting at 8pm. We will be running through our pieces for the performance on Wednesday 14 May at the Millennium Centre Siverster street L5 (6.30-8.30pm) if you would care to come along.

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