Who are we?

We are five Liverpudlians with a passion for culture and the city of Liverpool.

Liverpool Cultural Champions is an initiative that was begun by Open Culture on behalf of Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Council’s department for culture, to raise awareness of the benefits cultural participation can bring to the city’s communities.

We are;  Andrea McGuire, Graham Smillie, Andre Olchowski, Ray Fosberg and JohnyWishart.

Our applications were chosen from a very strong field of finalists by a panel of judges for the passion and dedication we’ve shown towards promoting and participating in culture in the city.

Our job is to attend and be part of cultural events throughout the city. We’ll then post reviews, comments and views on this blog as frequently as we can. We promise to give our honest feedback, good and bad, whilst trying where we can to get exclusive interviews with people involved in culture in the city, including views and opinions from people who may not have participated in cultural events in the past.

We each have our own passions and ideas of what culture means to us and the communities we represent, which we hope to share with readers of this blog.

We hope you can join us on this exciting journey and help us by providing comments and feedback about this blog and events you’ve attended. If you’re an event organiser we’d also like to hear from you.

Find out more about us!

About Andrea

About Graham

About Andre

About Ray

About Johny

2 responses to “Who are we?”

  1. Oliver Austin says :

    Hello there,
    My name is Ollie. I stumbled across your blog whilst promoting for Moulettes show at O2 academy tonight.
    Moulettes is an experimental pop band with bassoon, cello, harp, violin, double bass an drums. I would say it’s probably the most exciting thing happening music wise in Liverpool tonight. Would any of you or your friends like a guest list? If so please text 07916305810 or email moulettes@gmail.com

    Good luck with supporting the arts in your city.

  2. Alison Stokes says :

    26 March at the Casa Liverpool there will be a Liverpool Time To Change comedy group £5 per person for further details I am a Liverpool Time for change champion

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