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Mondrian-the artist of geometry at Liverpool Tate.

Fascinated by this artist at university and have copies made of his line drawings in my art folder. Every schoolchild has been introduced to this fascinating artist as his art lends itself to be copied and looks pretty good on the wall as well.

For the true artist, art is probably his or her life, but Mondrian could also add to that, as it was his religion.

He refused to admit diagonals into his paintings and considered them deeply suspect morally. Consequently this led me to scrutinise every piece of his work. For him, art was verticals and pure horizontals, lines of varying lengths and widths and framed oblongs of only the purest colours- for Mondrian, mixing colours was also a no-no.

Spend some time visiting this exhibition at the Tate this summer and look deeply into the paintings.

Looking at a Mondrian, even with its two or three colours, gives us the balance of the forms, their narrowness or breadth, the length or shortness of the lines. He believed that something deep in our psychological make-up responds to these simple shapes.

His paintings look easy and yes, well copied commercially, but then, he was doing them in 1915…nobody else did. He was one of the first to paint an abstract picture.

A season of Mondrian awaits us at the Tate Liverpool this Friday 6th June.

Until 21st September 2014, Plus Tate partner Turner Contemporary, Margate will be displaying ‘Mondrian and Colour’. Both exhibitions are timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Mondrian’s death.

Together they form ‘A Season of Mondrian’ and offer the public a once in a generation opportunity to see such a large number of works by this important artist in the UK.

Visit Tate this weekend and look for an immensely dynamic picture that does something for you!

Tate Liverpool: Exhibition opens 6th June-5th October

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