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‘House of Memories’ – the perfect lasting Christmas gift.

This Christmas I would like to share the #AMemoryShared campaign, to raise awareness in the value, the sharing of memories with our friends, families and those loved ones we care for can be.

Please, take some time to spread the message far and wide this Christmas; an ideal time to sit down with someone you love and care for, to have a chat, and create a special moment, sharing some memories to help enrich their lives and the lives of people close to them.

Shared memories are important to us all, especially at Christmas time, a time of coming together, a time of breaking down barriers and opening up our hearts and homes to friends and family.

Using the @house_memories app to help people reminisce and dissolve the feelings of loneliness can certainly be an aid in this journey.

‘House of Memories’ began as a dementia awareness training programme in 2012, and has to date trained 10,000 carers across the country.

The programme now includes the ‘My House of Friends App’, a FREE digital memory resource for iPads and other tablets.

It is the first of its kind in the world and has been co-created by people living with dementia and their carers.

Supported by LJMU, researchers have created a compilation of valuable visual historical images using resource banks at the Liverpool Museum, ranging from the Blitz to the Swinging Sixties.

This magical cocktail of pictures, relays and triggers human interest emotions in the brain cells and activates excitement and empathy with the viewers “times past” experiences.

The more the visual stimulation with these experiences, the more the delayed onset of dementia and mental illness.
This constant recall, plus the added bonus of social interaction with the app, creates an all round winner in combating the illness.

Having used this, easy to use device on a number of occasions with ageing relatives, I can well vouch for todays brilliant use of digital technology in helping stave off loneliness and dementia.

It’s an easy, practical no nonsense gadget that can be handled quite easily both in home and about town.

A magnificent present for anyone!
‘House of Memories’
Contact: Communications Manager at National Museums Liverpool
0151 478 4615

Fifty Shades of ………utter filth and dirt !!

Yes, you too can enrol in torture and lashings of filth when you take trowel in fist and connect with every crevice, scraping away at decades of history. Be prepared to get wet and roll about on your knees in mud and muck when you participate in in an archaeological dig in the next few weeks.

Archaeologists from the Museum of Liverpool have come to Calderstones Park to share their experiences, with mapping sessions that give you a chance to learn about how they use their maps and how they identify dig locations in and around Merseyside.

Involve yourself in interrogating, Saxon, Viking and Medieval maps right up to todays modern satellite projections of Merseyside landscapes; then find out how you can contribute to the Museum of Liverpool’s Interactive Map of Merseyside.

This Thursday, 19th February, 2.00pm-4.00pm, will help get visitors at the session, trained up and ready to dig.

The event offers the chance to get a further insight into ‘the day in the life of an archaeologist’ where you can learn the tricks of the trade including, how archaeologists prepare for an excavation, what equipment they need, how they choose where to dig and how they sort out finds which have been excavated.

If you are a follower of Time Team or the new BBC ‘Digging for Britain’ then this session and the ones that follow are a definite must for you. At the end of February we will see a geophysical survey of the park which, I can say will be a sell-out!

Following the excitement of the location find, Spring will beckon the ‘Community Big Dig’. This will bring people closer to the park than they’re likely to have ever got before.

Together, over a period of two weeks digging, the ancient history of Calderstones will be revealed and perhaps we will even find things that have never been unearthed before.

As an archaeologist working in the 80’s at Norton Priory Halton; York Viking dig at Coppergate and as an industrial archaeologist at Ironbridge Telford, we were pioneers at the time. We worked with English Heritage, presenting finds and bringing history alive to all walks of life with innovative displays and living history which is now common place today in museum displays.
It would be fantastic to discover and uncover a long lost historical past and transform it into a Liverpool ‘Jorvik’ experience just like York has with its Viking relics. A dream, yes, but who knows?

Today, Tony Robinson and the BBC Time Team have caught the publics imagination with programmes that show how it’s done…….you now have the chance to take part and ‘do it’! You can be trained as an archaeologist and take part in this major dig here in Liverpool.

This is a fantastic opportunity, a wonderful education and if finds are revealing enough, history will be made. The area of Calderstones is ripe with our early history. Bronze age finds have been unearthed and the Woolton’s Camp Hill Iron age fort has produced several interesting exhibits in the past.

Check the website for full details http://www.caldiesbigdig.org.uk or speak to my colleague Richard Macdonald on 0151 729 for a confirmed date and full details of the above events and get involved in the ‘Big Dig’ this year.

This is a unique Heritage event as part of National Museums Liverpool.

The countdown to Light Night! Friday 18 May 2012

Have you started planning for Light Night yet?

We have, and man there’s a lot on offer.  With over 70 free events at locations all over Liverpool city centre, there’s something for everyone.  Take your kids, your friends, or just turn up on your own – you’ll get a warm welcome wherever  you go and whatever you do.

All of our world-class museums, galleries and heritage buildings as well as a host of other venues are staying open late on Friday 18 May and they’re hosting a mind-boggling array of things to see and do.

Our own Culture Champ, André, is going to see a live taxidermy exhibition and John, Ray and I are putting together a route to take in as much as we can on the night.  We’ll be posting the details as soon as we’ve got them.

Check out the LightNight website at http://www.lightnightliverpool.co.uk and get planning.

Hope to see you there!

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