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Champion is nominated for Community Personality Award.

Wow! Couldn’t believe this one when it landed. Nominated for the ‘Echo Pride of Merseyside Award’….shine in your community.
Shortlisted for the Award of Community Personality!

Well, I do smile a lot,
chat a lot
and I do go on a bit about the Culture Champions and all the brilliant things happening in Liverpool.

But, when something like this happens, Captain Paranoia tends to be on your shoulder, tapping away with……..
Who was it? Who nominated you?
Why did they nominate you?
This tends to follow you around and it’s constantly on your mind and in your head; and then you start to look closely at people and wonder, was it you….or you….but in the end, you just give in and begin to think about the other things that might have contributed to the nomination, then it all begins to make sense.

This summer, I spent time networking and giving talks at Liverpool’s International Festival of Business, working with Santander on conferences, and gaining valuable publicity for the Liverpool Culture Champions, which was highlighted on the ‘Business Festival Culture’ site during those summer months.
Networking in those Festival weeks was close, with local business partners and Internationally with the different delegates attending the conferences.
The Business Festival was important many-fold; but from a cultural perspective, being in Liverpool, it saw the potential as I did in ‘heritage tourism being important to our economy’, what with the ‘Giants’ link to Titanic and WWI…… it does bring in valuable interest and revenue to promote and support other projects in the city.

I was pleased to support and see ‘Resonate’ the Liverpool music school for talented pupils go from strength to strength, with its own choir performing at the Echo Arena, and both senior and junior orchestras pulsating with talent around Liverpool waterfront venues.

LCVS Liverpool had its fair share of my input with attendance at several meetings to support and drive projects across the region. The recent work supporting NW NHS Academia Education in research into e-learning, and the new technology’s to enhance patient care through ICT will impact gradually throughout the UK, and I fully support the initiatives such as LJMU using ‘Culture’ in digital learning to delay dementia in patients.

Projects with LJMU have been supported and have included ‘diversity’ studies, language and education with……. ‘Culture’ always on the agenda.

Throughout my travels, I found that Liverpool culture generally and its brilliant involvement with the Merseyside people, has become a perfect example in Europe, of how to ‘get it right’.
While I was supporting work in the EU at Bruges University Belgium, Krakow University Poland and numerous projects in Eastern Europe developing literacy and ‘reader’ type organisations, I found that the people I met, saw the city of Liverpool as a perfect example of the way forward in cultural initiatives.
I applaud the organisations and events in Liverpool that take people on a journey of heritage, art, sport and music each year to enhance our well-being and give a role to the many cultural representatives in the city.

My work in education spans 35 years in mainstream, in both Merseyside and Greater Manchester, but there has been 15 years voluntary work in establishing and contributing as an educational consultant to the Liverpool Polish School. This now has over 200 pupils on a Saturday; learning a language and culture which has supported many costumed Festivals in Liverpool. But, the outreach work here has also contributed to the high results in mainstream education in Liverpool schools, with Polish children gaining high ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level language grades along with good L5’s in primary children’s attainment.
This year has given me another Award from the British Academy of Schools Languages to compliment last years, with another trip down to London and all the media attention that goes with it. This was an initiative I devised using the artist L.S.Lowry’s paintings to teach languages, in a cross-curricular manner using software animation techniques and digital books and digital ‘speech bubbles’ to raise standards of literacy in foreign languages.

I have been involved in health related activities this year which have supporting Knowsley’s ‘Great Outdoors’ Project. They have certainly kept me busy and healthy each week, and I thank the great friendships drawn up over the past year, friendships which are lasting and memorable.

The other week at the Jaguar Land Rover Conference Centre, a millionaire staged a show telling us how he achieved the position of financial stability at the age of seventeen. I enjoyed networking at that event especially meeting delegates from Hull, future European City of Culture. Well, couldn’t resist singing the praises of Liverpool’s success over the years……. and they were all ears!

I suppose someone in the above mentioned activities I’ve been involved with, nominated me and I haven’t even mentioned all the theatre and musical events which have given fantastic opportunities to network and promote Liverpool’s offerings .

The Culture Champions in Liverpool are unique, and something Merseyside, I am sure, is proud of. It’s a great team oozing with enthusiasm.
We all celebrate the Echo Pride of Merseyside Awards.
Being shortlisted for the award is brilliant, receiving the award would be an honour.

All nominees I am told will feature in the Echo and online over the coming weeks and the winner will be announced on Friday 21st November at the Isla Gladstone, Liverpool.
Can’t wait!!!!

Wielkanoc…A Polish Easter today in Liverpool…..

Today, Easter Saturday, saw a count of 3,000 Polish enter the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Every Easter at this time, Polish, typically children, bring brightly decorated baskets of food to church to have them blessed.

These baskets traditionally contain a piece of sausage, bread, egg, mazurek (a traditional Easter cake) some salt, some horseradish and a symbolic ram made from dough.

In addition ‘pianki’ are included- painted boiled eggs which have been prepared in the lead-up to Easter by the whole family.

Each of these components of the basket has a symbolic meaning. The eggs and meat symbolise new life, fertility and health, the salt protects against bad spirits and helps you follow the right path, the bread symbolises the body of Christ and by this future prosperity in terms of always having food to feed yourself, and finally, the horseradish represents skills and talents needed for the coming year.

Rezurekcja (Resurrection), a traditional mass with procession, is held Saturday night (10pm tonight at St Patricks, Toxteth).

On Easter Sunday, families gather together to celebrate with an Easter breakfast of every type of meat, sausage, egg, pate, and cakes -‘swieconka’ (food blessed in the church) which is shared with all.

Each person places a small piece of the blessed food on their plate before exchanging wishes with other members of the family.

The symbolic dough ram is placed on the table to symbolise the resurrection of Christ.

Today, quite a few English visitors viewing the Cathedral followed the procession into the Cathedral. Several asked me today, when I was on duty at the entrance, about the ‘special day’. I hope I have now put you in the picture and hope you all had a very enjoyable sightseeing in Liverpool and look forward to seeing you again in our beautiful, bustling, exciting city.
Wesolych Swiat!
Happy Easter!….

‘The Officers Wife’ UK Premiere At FACT

This is a film for all those interested in Second World War history ending with a twist and controversy in the 21st Century.

In 1940 my dad took off from central Europe in a training plane and six months later found himself flying over the Thames in a hurricane defending a different country from the invaders of his.

My uncle however was not so lucky.

As an officer in the Polish army, he was taken by the then Soviet command and along with 8,000 other officers and intelligentsia never seen again.

The story doesn’t end there, as the Soviet security forces rounded up Polish police, politicians, and government officials amassing to 22,000 people and murdered them.

The victims were murdered in the Katyn Forest 12 miles west of Smolensk near the NKVD (Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del) or Secret Police headquarters.

Some time later the government of Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves in the katyn Forest in 1943.

The Soviet Union claimed the victims had been murdered by the Nazis and continued to deny responsibility for the massacres until 1990, when it officially acknowledged and condemned the perpetration of the killings by the NKVD, as well as the subsequent cover-up.

In November 2012, the Russian government approved a declaration blaming Stalin for ordering the massacre.

On Thursday 20th September at 6.30pm Picturehouse At FACT, Liverpool will show the UK Premiere of ‘The Officer’s Wife’ with a question and answer session organised by the films director Piotr Uzarowicz who will be there in person on the night.
Representatives of the Polish government will also be present on this night.

For historians and academics this film creates a moving story that weaves dramatic interviews with bold animation about a family caught in the cross-fire of the Soviets and Nazis and the lifelong repercussions that followed.

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