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International Beatles Week ’13 21-27th Aug

At seven years of age, I was well use to the Beatles, as I ran to primary school passing the photographers of the day outside Ringo’s terrace house and sat in a classroom he would have sat in at school.

At eleven years of age I sat in Paul McCartney’s desk at the Institute and was taught for two years by John Lennon’s uncle. Over those years a certain amount of Beatlania came my way via aunty who lived next door to Ringo.

Years later the Institute changed to LIPA and Paul, a LIOBIAN like myself reflected in conversation, upon days gone by during the opening night, not that I was his generation but the figures of the past and stories of school days long gone remain the same in every Institute boy.

Years later my girlfriend was organising an event for a celebrity in Notting Hill and I was thrown into contact with Paul again along with Brian Ferry, Stella and a host of others too numerous to remember.

So, with that little history aside, it is this annual celebration of the music of the Beatles in Liverpool that has always been an interest to me and it returns, with performances, screenings, exhibitions and more.

There will be bands from over 20 countries on the bill and so much to do and see.
Organised by Liverpool’s leading tour operator Cavern City Tours, the annual International Beatlesweek Festival celebrates the music of the most famous pop group the world has ever known.

As well as the live gig’s there are exhibitions, memorabilia sales, guest speaker’s, video shows, sightseeing tours and a Convention.

Festival venues include, the Cavern Club and Cavern Pub in Mathew street, the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool Cathedral and the Philharmonic Hall.
As usual the promoters will answer all your queries and direct you to the functions and events during the weekend if you give them a call (0151 233 2008) or just checkout the Liverpool Beatle Week Festival.

Personally, I would just visit all the above venues and see what’s doing in my own time on Saturday afternoon.

You never know….might get lucky!

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