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Physical fest is certainly a feast of performance.

This International Theatre Festival has brought to Liverpool the best new theatrical talent to the many stages of the city giving the latest batch of home-grown actors a fantastic showcase for their talent.

For the past week we have been subjected to a true treasure trove of theatrical riches in and around our streets. Riches that have made us think and made us laugh but above all I am sure, we have enjoyed the performances immensely.
These opportune performances in Clayton Square and Church Street, have become a vehicle for the performing arts this half term and called out to all young and able, giving them an opportunity to see a ‘special kind’ of theatre and so help them, knock on the doors of our theatre establishments in Liverpool and really consider joining a training programme or acting course at LJMU Joe Makin Drama Centre, as an example.

Last week, I engaged with the festival promoters at the Unity Theatre and was cocooned by the mischievous street theatre trio of fabulous, curvaceous, vivacious, gorgeous, flirty Boom Boom Showgirls who are even now sneaking up on unsuspecting shoppers.

Moments later the slapstick comedy of the Cirque du Kaka created a riotously entertaining experience swiftly followed by the zany Eggmen. Today, watch out for the Car Men greasy mechanics, showing up on the pedestrian streets without a car in sight and getting to grips with their real talent- opera! Led by an aficionado of the art, this unlikely trio live up to their name, performing Carmen in all its greasy glory…..clever!

Earlier in the week, all praise went to Wendy Houstoun’s superb performance ‘Pact with Pointlessness’ a double act for one, with the night twisting and turning, crackling with wit and ridiculous movement in a kind of stand up meets vaudeville.

Funny and moving in equal measure, this performance offered a frank demonstration of how it feels to be knocked sideways by death, then renegotiate and carry on.

If you have not encountered the ‘Physical fest’ workshops and street entertainment with shows at Church Street, Clayton Square, and Pilgrim Street then venture to the Bluecoat and Unity Theatre for performances, there is still time.


Unity Theatre 08448732888
Bluecoat 01517025324

physical fest the physical theatre festival……with a bit of polish!

This years International Festival of Physical Theatre is bigger and better than ever.

With some exciting free sessions and venues as varied as the Joe H Makin Drama Centre at LJMU, Tilt Studio, St Luke’s bombed out church and the city centre, as street theatre performance space, the programme is very impressive.

International drama, dance and clowning is always a wow to watch….it captivates in its absurdity and uniqueness and capabilities that give us hot new theatre. I like the originality.

The UK premier of ‘Klowns’ at the Unity Theatre means business. Presenting what they believe to be a timeless tale of death and love, they are fanatically bursting to show their writing, directing, acting, singing and dancing talents. Watching ‘Klowns’ gives you a very funny, contemporary entertainment that appeals to a wide audience. Sat 24th May 8pm

The Workshops next week are top of the class. At the Bluecoat, the “Play-Fight” workshop weaves elements from martial arts, such as capoeira and Russian Systema, with contact-improvisation. Choose your partner wisely and don’t forget the plasters with this one.

Performance of the week has got to be ‘Red Bastard’ with Eric Davies in a dangerous, seductive comedy monster role with His Mission: To Charm, Disarm, Shock and Seduce……His Target: YOU.

The thing I like about this Unity performance, with its intimate surroundings, is that audiences should be prepared for anything to happen in this interactive show. A show, in which Red Bastard engages the audience in raw conversation, uncovering ridiculous and disturbing truths.

His bold wit and physical prowess are certainly lauded but not by the participants hiding under their seats! Tues 27th May-8pm

The Workshop I’ve got myself down for is ‘The Dynamic Body’ performing with an old friend, Anu Salonen, an Actress and Acting Teacher with the award winning Polish Teatr Piesn Kozla/ Song of The Goat Theatre. Friday 30th/31st May 10-5pm The Bluecoat.

The Festival runs till Sat 31st May and is well worth booking a workshop session or performance.

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