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Resonate. Music in schools? We must sing its praises.

On Saturday, I took my daughters flute to be fixed. Inexpensive when bought, being round about £100, and never having had a service or major problem for years; it has kept her on track with school music lessons until the music exam last week.

She has spent the last 5yrs or so enjoying music lessons, the thrill of playing at concerts which boosted her playing skills and confidence and has provided endless friendships over the years.

Now I must wait for an assessment of the wear and tear damage and decide whether to rebuild or repurchase a flute. Has it been worth it …YES!

She has been playing flute since primary school and we have never had to pay for a single lesson. This is absolutely fantastic and a choice every parent in Merseyside should take advantage of.

The decision to take on board that instrument, was taken in primary school. At the time, classes were full for guitar, which was her first choice, with trumpet, saxophone, flute and clarinet on offer.

It would have been easy to have dismissed the idea, in favour of academic prowess and time spent on ‘doing homework’ instead of playing an instrument.

However, cross-curricular studies, particularly at primary school, are so successful in promoting academic attainment. All subjects have something to offer, but it’s the arts and humanities that tap into what makes us human.

For many years, those who set education policy have been struggling to imbue a generation of young people from chaotic family backgrounds with non-academic ‘social’ skills, self-discipline, awareness of others, teamwork, etc- to ensure that schools are places where people care about each other and work together, where there’s a culture of good behaviour and aspiration to learn.

Research shows that music, arts, drama and sport promote such a sense of ‘belonging’.

Music in my mind, is the ultimate inter-disciplinary activity, stimulating all forms of intelligence, improving children’s academic achievement, concentration and sense of self-worth, to say nothing of the sense of time, history, geography and place that studying music provides.

The day my daughter picked up a musical instrument and started to have lessons, was the day she gained a skill for life, to be nurtured, enjoyed, and provide a route into a thriving national cultural life, for life.

As well as the free school music lessons Liverpool schools provide, there are two new music studios being created in Liverpool, north and south.

Through the superb Liverpool Schools, Resonate Music Studios, Liverpool’s Music Hub at Great Homer Street, Notre Dame Catholic College, children can involve themselves in an after school ensemble, rock band and choir provision.

You can take part in any of these music sessions on Thursday and Wednesday evenings between 4-8.15pm at either Resonate Music North at Great Homer Street or at Gateacre School Hedgefield Road L25.

For £3 a session children can begin to play, train in an orchestra, jazz/swing, rock or just sing -age 8 and above.

Do take advantage of these musical resources on offer inour fantastic city.
You only have one chance, use it at an early age, and reap the benefits in the future.


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