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Scouser Scot brings HOPE to a Liverpool audience .

Anyone who’s taken a Bus into the City centre of Liverpool recently couldn’t have helped themselves  noticing arguably the biggest Theatre poster known to humanity fronting the  Royal Court Theatre ( above ). It’s bigger than P Diddys flat screen . Hell it’s even bigger than Simon Cowells belt buckle. It advertises HOPE  the latest offering from prolific writer and actor Scot Williams who first cut his teeth writing for the theatre at the tender age of 19 with ‘Growing Young’ at the Liverpool Playhouse. Since then he’s also notched up several film roles (He played Pete Best in Backbeat y’know ) and several award winning dramas including Liverpool One in which two of  Hopes co-stars Mark and Samantha (Scouse and Spouse) Womack also starred. But this heralds a first for Scot at the Royal Court having aired his previous works virtually next door at the Playhouse . I could tell though when I met him he knew exactly what he was doing and  just where he wanted to be ;

I liked what they were attempting at the Royal Court and what they’d done with the Theatre and I also think it’s audience are the right type for a play of this kind

Also delighted  to secure a cast of Mark Womack, Rene Zagger and Samantha Womack , having worked previously with all three he saw this as a bonus but when pressed noted one obvious Challenge :

They’re  my mates  and they’re just as experienced as me if not more and I have to tell them what to do but it’s all good

Of these mates, co-star and ex Bill actor Rene Zagger echoed Scots sentiments  and was enthusiastic about  working on the Liverpool stage .He had this to say to me  during a recorded interview ( with his kind permission);

Everybody involved in the production appeared  relaxed  and ready  for its Liverpool premier and equally eager to leave it’s audience satisfied . The play itself promises to be  dark , funny, intriguing with enough  suspense  to fill it’s Cowell Buckle sized poster. And having now seen it I  had to agree. Each of the performances were very well executed  The dialogue was quite intellectual at times  yet true  to each character and the verbal sparring between Norm ( Womack) and  Guy (Zagger) was akin to a modern day Laurel and Hardy , a running feature in the play  used almost as a score to set up each scene. For the short times that Hope appeared her impact was tenfold and it only exacerbated the intriguing elements of the story as you couldn’t help but be fixed on all the seductive charms of Samantha Womacks Character . Scot Williams natural delivery as Victor gave us some of  the funnier lines but the relationship between Norm and Guy was for me the meat in the sandwich . Complex , witty and  often brutal they kept the audience guessing  as to who would be affected  most at the end by Hopes secret .

Hope Runs from 6th March – 30th March


A Cultural Leadership Course.

A very interesting, informative day , a good opportunity for Cultural Champions and also the other members who participated in the course. Course leader Chris Grant was clear , concise and delivered his message in an  upbeat  enthusiastic manner. The content of the course was very helpful to me. Also full marks to RADISSON BLU HOTEL in Old Hall St. Liverpool , They looked after us beautifully, coffee and pastries a lovely lunch and afternoon tea. It’s a beautiful hotel very stylish and comfortable right in the middle of Liverpool’s commercial District which is undergoing big changes and is looking better than ever. Views over the River Mersey are fantastic from the conference suite and makes the whole day a good experience . I can recomend this course. Interested? www.culturalleadership.org.uk there is a second course opportunity in Birmingham very soon. I’m off to centre myself now!


Four Corners is on the move from the Bluecoat to Five Health Centres around  Liverpool. Today I went to Yewtree Health Centre to check out the highly successful exhibition, I really enjoyed the whole week at the Bluecoat in July so I wondered how this exhibition would transfer to other venues. The answer is very well thank you! Health Centres have loved having the exhibition and the change of atmosphere it has generated . Wendy Court, Health Centre manager and staff loved the change in the atmosphere with the Music, Images, and poetry readings by the very talented and enthusiastic Ethnie Brown ( I was treated today to a spontaneous reading she is so good! )  People were communicating with each other as a result of the exhibition , it gave people a sense of community,encouraged them to look at the type of activities Four Corners has been working on in other areas such activities as origami , thinking about ‘ Recipes for Happiness’ and with a little help putting  their thoughts on paper to be included in the book ( I did mine in July it made me think about the good things I have to be thankful for) The giant apples and bottles on display and the intricate  mosaic water feature all caused lots of interest ,I wonder who made them? Possibly Arts in Regeneration but I’m not sure on that. Jen Heyes, Artistic Director (another wonderfully enthusiastic person) , says “It’s been wonderful to bring the work back home and see people’s response to Art in the Centres .  It has proved that we all need our senses and creativity stimulated to lead active and healthy lives and to connect with each other”. Well that is what 2010 is all about THE YEAR OF HEALTH AND WELL BEING and this talented team is delivering just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks Jen, Ethnie, and technical guys Mike Dunn and Brian Dodd for making such a HUGE impact in the community.   Two more MOVES . Thurs.23 Sept. Speke Health Centre L24  2xp.  Fri. 24th Breezehill Health Centre L9 1AD. Worth going even if you don’t need  to see a Doctor

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