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John Godber’s ‘Poles Apart’ Nov 24th at 7.30

If you enjoyed ‘Bouncers’ as much as I did then you will thrill at this little gem being offered at the Capstone tonight…and it’s FREE!

Enjoy a free performance from the award winning play-writer John Godber with his new comedy ‘Poles Apart’ play, which is being staged as part of Liverpool Hope’s Cornerstone Festival.

This play is a fast paced humorous take on culture, class and theatre, professionally performed at the Capstone Theatre tonight at 7,30pm by one the country’s most professional teams in acting.

The play centres on the class and cultural clashes that happen when a team of scaffolders come into contact with a group of thesps.

Well, meet Phil, Fat Glen and Polish Jan who are on task and finish as they deliver a breathless rant on life, art and sausage sarnies in a desperate effort to mend a leaking roof.
It seems it’s never over till the fat man sings!

Theatre should reach out to people where they are, but what happens when they just aren’t interested – find out what happens and how they mangle their way through a labyrinth of personal views when you visit the Capstone tonight.

FREE tickets 0151 291 2096
or email cornerstonefestival@hope.ac.uk

A scorchingly new and exciting John Godber comedy not to be missed.

A funny, visually entertaining culture class up-close.
If you miss this one don’t be alarmed as the Capstone Shaw Street, has some fantastic FREE theatre during the rest of the week.

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