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Africa Oye This Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th June

The UK’s biggest live festival of African Music and culture celebrates 25 years this Saturday in Sefton Park 12.30-9.30 both days.

FREE admission gets you to the most vibrant atmosphere amongst the best festival audience in the world.
With the weather looking good this weekend, you can dance, smile, eat, drink (responsibly) and most of all, enjoy a brilliant few days.

The field looks bigger than ever with, a celebration of African music, culture, heritage and arts combined in a cultural village of extravaganza in the form of Trenchtown, Freetown and the Afrobeats Zone.

All for free and open to everyone with a special kids area for children and families to get involved.

This year the festival features the Oye village enjoying storytelling, face painting, drumming workshops, arts and crafts and so much more delivered by top local and international companies.
Kids of all ages can have the chance to participate in FREE music, dance and art workshops.

The Oye Active Zone has my old friends Movema with a bumper 25th anniversary rock Oye programme focused on promoting health and wellbeing, learning and participation….so get down there and shake! Young dancers! Unlock The Box Youth Dance Battle comes back for the 5th year so if you are 18 or under be ready to show what you are made of, with exciting prizes to be won.

So, this weekend journey to Sefton Park and checkout the stellar line-up of African and Caribbean music, local and international but all a showcase of incredible sounds that make for a diverse music scene right on our doorstep.

See the Mokoomba one of the finest young bands in Africa, Hajamadagascar and The Groovy People’s sensational sounds, Jupiter and Okwess in electric free-fall and my favourite….. Dizzy Mandjeku and Odemba OK Allstars, unmissable and an act guaranteed to get you dancing.

Stay around for Katumba, Liverpool’s renowned drumming and movement group with over 80 drummers-and-counting…..diverse and multicultural with louder than loud music, movement and visuals.

This weekend see the full line up on africaoye.com and get involved! Sefton Park Needle ‘Review Field’ 12.30

Africa Oye Feast in Sefton Park

Are you ready for your weekend social activities?  Then add “Africa Oye” Event to your must do list!!

All I am praying for,  on behalf of all sun worshipers, eclectic music, colourful fusion of culture lovers,  is for the Sun God to be kind to both Artists and audience travelling from far and wide to support this 21st Africa Oye celebration, with some amazing performances.

Saturday 22nd June  to Sunday 23rd June,  logged into your diary, but if the Rain God prevails,  just dress appropriately for Sefton Park conditions. Apart from the billed acts from the African and Caribbean diaspora along with UK artist, there will be an array of activities for all age groups located around the main stage for all to enjoy.

Further information can be obtained from:-


2013 Main Stage Running Order

Event Start – 12:30pm (Both Days)


13.15 – 14.25 – Zong Zing All Stars (DR Congo) 14:30 – Movema World Dance Performance (15mins) 14:55 – 16:05 – JAY (Cape Verde) 16:35 – 17:45 – Black Prophet (Ghana) 18:15 – 19:35 – Son Yambu (Cuba) 20:05 – 21:25 – Osibisa (Ghana)


13.15 – 14.25 – JAY (Cape Verde) 14:30 – Beatlife Drum Troupe (15mins) 14:55 – 16:05 – Yaaba Funk (Ghana/UK) 16:35 – 17:45 – Atongo Zimba (Ghana) 18:15 – 19:35 – Dele Sosimi (Nigeria/UK) 20:05 – 21:25 – Mokoomba (Zimbabwe)

Download the brochure


I got sent home from work this morning for being feeble-no vocal chords whatsoever. So whilst I sit here in my lemsip-induced stupor, I thought I’d finally get down to blathering on about what’s occuring. Prepare yourself for some nonsense.

The Rene Magritte exhibition opens at the Tate this week. He was one of the more famous surrealist artists along with old Salvador Dali and all that jive. Interestingly (and I totally stole this factoid from the Tate’s facebook post), one of his pieces entitled ‘the sixteenth of September’  is popular amongst fans of Marc Bolan. The painting features a tree which apparently looks very much like the one his girlfriend crashed her car into into on 16th September 1977, killing him and injuring her. Spooky! (And conincidental).

Now, I’m currently listening to some old CD’s in my big maroon dad-car, owing to the fact that the radio is broken and who buys CD’s anymore anyway?

One of the CD’s I’ve had playing on loop due to laziness is the best of Pink Floyd. It’s ace, but I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan. However, when the boyfriend bought me a ticket to ex-PF’s Roger Water’s concert at the MEN Arena in a singular act of lovely generosity, I was very pleased. He’s been before and it sounds like a  pretty awesome show. Their album The Wall is performed from start to finish by Waters and his merry men.

Pink Floyd became well known for their high-concept stage shows and in this one, old Rodge recreates many of those amazing spectacles which includes lazers, massive inflatable pigs, a giant scary evil headmaster puppet and of course, building a wall on stage throughout the evening, culminating in the audience only being able to peep at Roger et al through a hole until at last, the final brick is in place and they dissapear entirely.

…anyway, that’s what I’m doing next week, yo! I know it’s not in Liverpool but hey. Deal!

Funny Women Awards are still rolling on-the Manchester Awards are on 23rd July. If you know any aspiring or established lady comedians, let them know!

Found a couple of sites for guided Sunday morning walks around the city and tempted to go on one. If I do I’ll let you know how it went, but in the meantime here’s the link in case that sounds interesting to you too! Am officially old: pretty sure I should be spending that time sleeping off hangovers but anyway….

Finally, went to Africa Oye again on Sunday. It’s such a good little festival and I’m so glad they managed to get funding for it at the eleventh hour.

Farewell, my lovelies!

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