Countdown to Black Friday one of Liverpool’s biggest shopping events!

The culture of shopping has well and truly taken hold in Liverpool city centre as the Black Friday shopping countdown begins and already many outlets are preparing for the event which inaugurates the Christmas shopping season and features big discounts.

The celebration of the so called Black Friday originated in the US, but has understandably taken hold in many EU countries.

Sales are expected to reach somewhere in the region of well over a few million pounds with stores promoting the event over just one day or a weekend.

This is one of the years major shopping events with big discounts for bargain hunters coupled with magnificent city entertainment.

The big difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that the Black Friday event was designed to get shoppers out and at the stores, physically, as opposed to the Cyber Monday which was designed to promote online purchasing, and if following the original idea, Black Friday is, of course, on a Friday, while Cyber Monday, is on a Monday, usually following after the other.

8,000 was the number of televisions sold in Asda stores in the first hour of trading in 2014.

Strangely, Asda is dropping Black Friday, having been originally responsible for introducing the discount concept from the USA.

Some companies have readily embraced the concept while others have been quite opposed. But, whatever your view, Liverpool has one of the best shopping venues in the country with a wide range of Christmas entertainment to keep both you and the family entertained in and around our busy streets.

Have a stress-free Black Friday and enjoy your shopping weekend!

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