Eco-therapy at the National Wildflower Centre.

This year I have been fascinated by the array of support programmes on offer to help kin both old and young in the field of wellbeing.

In our increasing digitally dependent and urbanised world, are we slowly losing touch with nature?

Mindfulness is the buzz-therapy of the moment and along with the apps and endless slew of books, lessons in this meditation- like practice is offered to all as a form of self-help.

I don’t doubt it has a role in reducing stress but there are other ways to temporarily shift our focus away from personal worries.

Sport, dancing, playing a musical instrument, even keeping a pet have all been shown to have similar relaxing effects.
But, nothing beats being immersed in nature, and this has big implications for our physical and mental health!

This venture recently at Court Hey Park has had a fantastic run of success at helping all ages develop a unique connection, a connection with nature, all on your local doorstep.

Supported by Landlife’s Great Outdoors Project, this eco-therapeutic activity connects people with nature through a variety of creative physical activities aimed to encourage people to be more active in parks and greenspaces.

Back by popular demand this October half term sees the return of the fun packed annual family Harvest Celebration here at the National Wildflower Centre.
Not to be missed, you too can join the Great Outdoors Project team as they celebrate the magic of autumn and make the most of the great outdoors.
This week, Court Hey Park will be joined by the RSPB, S&R Birds (Rescued birds of prey) and a team of eco-experts to guide you through the world of nature.

Everyone is welcome to this week long event, and all the activities are FREE.

You’ll be sure to leave the events with new ideas and a fresh enjoyment of nature and all that bountiful autumn has to offer.

There’ll be something for all ages to enjoy here at the Centre, so make a trip asp.

This Thursday 29th October, 11am-3pm sees Apple Day with apple crumble making, apple tasting, apple pressing and traditional apple games, apple art, apple fun and more from apples…..

Friday 30th October is for all the Ray Mears and Bear Gryllys fans, as bush-craft in the woods comes alive.
See woodcraft in action, fire pit antics, outdoor art activities, outdoor cooking, foraging advice, and all things in survival training come alive, in this educationally fun instructional afternoon.

The drum circle will come into its own with the Wildflower Artisan Market selling beautiful artistic offerings to delight and decorate your homes this autumn.

Find all this at Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Broadgreen no matter what the weather.
For more info (01517381913)
The Cornflower Café will be serving up a healthy celebration of autumn fare for you to enjoy and be sure to taste the famous courgette, apple and beetroot cakes!

Focus on noticing and enjoying the nature around you this week and get your dose of vitamin N (Nature)! The Nature Prescription.


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