Gyms go green……5 ways to Wellbeing!

Whatever happened to the ‘decade of health and wellbeing’ and all the promotion around it?

Well, with all this warm spring weather about lately, let’s get out and about and use all that exciting new outdoor gym equipment that’s in a park near you.

A number of ‘green gyms’ have been created at parks and green spaces around Merseyside. These are fantastic areas with pieces of equipment located in some of our greenest and most picturesque places. This all means that working out, doesn’t have to involve going to the gym but can involve fresh air and fantastic scenery! Look at Otterspool’s gym equipment, located on the banks of the River Mersey.

The use of gym equipment in parks and outdoor locations is becoming increasingly popular and is helping to encourage more people to get involved with exercise, for free. It’s a regular routine with me every morning, mountain bike around a park trail then stop off at one of the gyms and have a quick workout as an addition.

Some of the original outdoor gyms around Merseyside are being upgraded with different types of equipment complementing existing facilities at each site. These will include fixed equipment, such as cross trainers and ‘natural’ structures like climbing frames, as well as fitness trails and exercise circuits using existing path networks.
The project is set to encourage even more people to get active, and boost fitness levels so aiding the five ways to Wellbeing-

Connect….with the people around you.
Be active……walk, run, step outside, cycle, exercising makes you feel good.
Take notice…..catch sight of the beautiful, remark on the unusual and notice the changing seasons.
Keep learning….try something new, build up confidence and …
Give….Smile and see yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community, creating connections with people around you.
This weekend…….
Visit a park near you and give it a go!

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