Twopence to Cross the Mersey……Epstein Theatre -28th March

We all enjoyed the evening’s performance at the Liverpool Epstein Theatre a few nights ago and celebrated 21 years of ‘Twopence to Cross the Mersey’ with cast and leaders in the Liverpool entertainment industry.

It was a delightful play set in one of Liverpool’s most depressing eras but made gripping and edge of the seat entertainment worthy of the standing applause.

Written by Helen Forrester and telling the true to life story of her own past, the superb cast performed the story with emotion and pure dramatic energy.

Desperate to find employment, Helen Forrester’s father, who had recently been declared bankrupt, arrived in Liverpool at Lime Street Station in 1931 with his wife and seven children one cold January morning.
He remembered Liverpool as a bustling wealthy city, the place where his family had once made its fortune and where he would now re-build his.

Times had now changed though and the harrowing story of life and survival began for the whole family. It is this story of what happens to the family that carries the audience along in a seemingly magnetic way that is not without its humour. You empathise with the young Helen who’s full burden of looking after a family of nine rests on her shoulders.

It cost two pence to cross the Mersey in 1931, a journey which would have taken her to the security of her Grandmother’s home on the Wirral, but it might just as well have been a million pounds such was their poverty.

A brilliant play not to be missed and by attending a performance, you will help raise vital funds for North West Cancer Research. If you miss this performance here, then catch it at Southport Theatre, St Helens Theatre Royal and the New Brighton Floral Pavilion Theatre such is its popularity after so long.

Written by Rob Fennah and directed by Bob Eaton.

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