Walking in the Footsteps of Giants: Andy’s story

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESQ – So Andy, first of all what’s your day job? 
I’m a retired/redundant librarian and for the last 2 years or so I’ve been looking for interesting things to do.
Q – How did you get to be involved in this year’s Giant Spectacular?
I was involved when the Giants came last time. I really enjoyed it and when I heard they were coming again I put my name down as soon as I could.
Q – What role did you play in the Giant’s event?
I was a Benevol which means a volunteer. Our main role was to carry red & white tape to keep the crowds safely on the pavements when there weren’t any crash barriers on the route.
Q – So what was the experience like for you?
It was brilliant to be part of a major event in a city I’ve lived near all my life. It was lovely been close to the crowd as we walked through. I was able to feel the buzz and excitement of the city. It was clear this event was bringing communities together. I especially liked it when it went through areas such as Toxteth, Kensington and Wavertree when local people came out of their houses to watch the event. Also being in the middle of the huge crowds when we were near the Pier Head was exciting and it felt a real privilege to be there.
Q – Were there any challenges/tough bits?
I had to keep my wits about me when we were on the move. This is because the gaps between the puppets were always changing which meant you had to keep an eye on the person in front and behind so that the line could be maintained. Often the tape we were holding would snap which meant a new one had to be found to repair the gap.
Q – Was there a particular highlight for you?
When the puppets stopped we had to crouch down so not to be in the way of the spectators. This allowed for really good views of the action close up. We were allowed to take photos n and I was able to take some I was really pleased with. I also loved watching the puppets waking up in Newsham Park. My favourite parts of this was watching Xolo steal one the Little Girl Giant’s socks as she was getting dressed and watching grannie have a slug of whisky and a smoke of her pipe for breakfast!
Q – How are you feeling now it’s all over?
I’m feeling tired and really grateful to be in a position where I could spend 3 memorable days walking with Giants. I’m also wondering if they will come back again.

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