Historic signing at the Hub International Festival of Business.

Liverpool has been a buzz of activity around The Strand lately with the International Festival for Business taking centre stage to events in commerce and sport with the World Corporate Games.

Following its exceptional inaugural year the announcement yesterday by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt Hon George Osborne, was for it to return to Liverpool.
This morning, a statistical, data analysis guru told me of the many deals and trades that have been generated for Liverpool.

Speaking briefly to David Cameron and Michael Hesseltine last week, their thoughts of the weeks success have been well founded.

The event has been a fantastic success and all praise goes to the organisers at Vision for promoting a memorable networking and learning experience.

During the past weeks, I have been immersed in several major IFB events around the waterfront and impressed with the new Titanic Hotel and plans for Stanley Dock, but today was the pinnacle or the icing on the cake, because of my strong personal links with the Landlife organisation.

Nobody in Liverpool likes a bare barren landscape especially in the inner city.
Landlife, with permission from the owners, have been planting-up such areas and created beautiful vibrant, colourful wildflower landscapes that bring the countryside to the doorstep of the community.

This morning was particularly interesting for me because of the nature of the business taking place on the 5th floor of The Hub (that big dark building on Mann Island).

Landlife National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley signed a historic new business agreement with China partners Sichuan Runfeng Landscape Engineering Ltd and Kunming Institute of Botany to create conservation project work in China.

The spinoffs from this, with a vast country like that, especially in education and tourism swam around in my mind.

If you have not seen one of these wildflower landscapes then, look just below the Anglican Cathedral and there lies a beautiful canvas field of poppies. What was once bare earth now blooms like a paradise. The once patch of earth, was sown with our own home grown Landlife ‘wildflower’ seeds.

These locally grown UK seeds, not only look good but also hold a particular resonance for WWI commemorations as well as with the bright red poppies creating a symbol of hope and good fortune for the Chinese.

This signed agreement is an important step for Landlife, the UK’s first urban wildlife charity, and award winning organisation working for nature and the people.
It is also fitting that Liverpool, with the oldest Chinese Community in Europe and a pioneer of ecology restoration, should be a focus for this event. An event today, long in the making to give the organisation that began in Lark Lane over thirty years ago, that media spotlight.
This is an organisation whose progress I have watched, supported and been engaged with educationally for many years.

Well done Landlife for making this breakthrough, and lets hope the recognition is a stepping stone to greater projects and recognition.
The National Wildflower Centre is certainly a jewel in the crown, Liverpool’s crown.

With the tourist industry here in Liverpool going from strength to strength, Liverpool will be a great cog in the wheel of strengthening the UK’s links with China through the city of Kunming and China itself.
Here trade, investment, culture and education, tourism, technology and arts will all benefit Liverpool, from the deal.

This morning brought many friends together and although the weather was not at its best, the event was a milestone bouquet brought alive with the imaginative and entertainingly engaging Chinese dances of China Peal, who acted out a beautiful poetic story before our eyes.
Well done Richard Scott and all the Team at the National Wildflower Centre.
See You Thursday!!!!

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