The Reader Gallery at Calderstones…Saturday 19th April

Beautiful lake, enchanting gardens, and exciting adventure playgrounds all go together to make ….Great things happening in Calderstones Park!

So, if you have the time and can make it, take a trip to this versatile park while the glorious weather is still with us.

The Reader Organisation has taken over the mansion house for some time now and there are brilliant plans in the making for this beautiful historic building.

I have been asked many times about the Mansion and the Organisation housed there. So here’s the story in simple form, The Reader Organisation is an award-winning charitable social enterprise working across the UK to connect people with great literature.

During the summer I attended one of their conferences at Hope University and was impressed by their support and the number of schools and organisations using the medium of ‘the book’ to develop not only reading skills but confidence, attitude and in cases a springboard to further adult education courses.

The Reader Organisation is currently now working to transform the Grade II Listed Calderstones Mansion House with lottery funding, into an international centre for reading.

With fantastic weather forecast for tomorrow, what better than to wander into the park and visit the now refurbished café and see the plans for the upgrade.

There will also be a refurbishment of the fantastic outdoor theatre stage at the back of the Mansion and plans are on the horizon for a visit from the professional Shakespeare company, ‘The Globe Theatre’ soon!.

Take a walk to the old Coach House which now houses The Reader Gallery and view the display called ‘The Unforgotten Coat Exhibition’. This is an award-winning children’s book created by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Carl Hunter and Clare Heney (Edge Hill University), to support The Reader Organisation.

This exhibition features the stunning and atmospheric photography from the book, transforming Liverpool into a version of Mongolia through the medium of Polaroids. Well worth a purchase!


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