Love is in the air! Love ArtUK exhibition @HeadSpace


Urban artist Love ArtUK to hold Valentine’s Day themed exhibition at Liverpool’s HeadSpace@EggSpace Gallery from February 6th 2014

To mis-quote Coming To America‘s Theo McDowall, we’re so excited about this exhibition, we feel like break dancing!

Urban artist Love ArtUK will display his unique work at Liverpool’s Headspace@EggSpace Gallery from 1st February with a private view on 13th February. Featuring a mixture of new and familiar work from the popular artist, it follows a period of great creativity. This exhibition, Valentine’s Notebook, will showcase many of the newer works for the first time.

If you’re familiar with Love ArtUK’s work you’ll know it follows themes that match the often loved-up feeling of Valentine’s Day but also take a darker path showing that love can be used as a positive thing as well as a negative thing. The artist’s work has received much attention from appreciative art fans and the general public alike, most notably in the artist’s debut show in 2013 where a capacity crowd filled the Clove Hitch gallery on Hope Street.

Love ArtUK artist Jay says “My earlier Love ArtUK creations were very much based on the dark side to LOVE as at the time I was in a very dark and negative place. I see LOVE as a gift in us all, it doesn’t come with instructions or a map, but LOVE can and will breakdown any wall put up in front of it. LOVE is the most sacred gift I have.” “I do hope that you can all take some time out to support the exhibition and come along and I hope to see you all on the 13th February. There will also be new pieces exclusively on show during the exhibition.”

With an open night on 13th February where you can meet Jay and check out these great pieces for yourself, this night is expected to be even more of a success than the last one and more of the profit will again go to a charity close to Jay’s heart. You can also check out Jay’s work on the Love ArtUK Facebook page.

‘Valentine’s Notebook’ takes place at HeadSpace@EggSpace gallery (HeadSpace@EggSpace, The Egg, 16 – 18 Newington, Liverpool, L1 4ED) and is presented in conjunction with Creative Watch Area.


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