Casus at the Black-E a contemporary circus company.

If you like dynamic dance, action and a bit of dare-devil theatre thrown in then this is the night for you to watch some of the most stunning dance acrobatics to date.

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November at 7.30, ‘Casus’ arrive at the Black-E Liverpool after having wowed the crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Black-E would like to invite you to see Australia’s new contemporary circus company ‘Casus’, with their stunning premiere work, “Knee Deep” which is one of only 3 UK dates.

Four performers will explore the boundaries of strength and tenderness with bodies pushed and pulled to create a bold and captivating performance to wow any crowd.

The dancers show a style of certain breath-taking beauty and skill in their full-on show

If you haven’t been to the Black-E before then, you will be amazed that the main space to perform is the perfect setting for ‘Casus’.

The round performance space and high ceilings give the dancers the perfect place to perform “Knee Deep” with its fast aerial workouts, silk twists and vertical turns and a wild exhilarating trapeze act giving the audience spectacular views from the balconies.

Don’t miss out on a chance to see this act at the Black-E.
Ticket sales £6,£8,£10
0151 709 5109
The Black-E
Great George Street

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