Aintree Hot Air Balloon Festival.

I envisaged two big events for Liverpool a few years ago….balloons over Liverpool and Formula One racing around the Strand, Lime Street and Dale Street area.

Now, taking place at Aintree Racecourse, thanks to the fantastic work of UK Hot Air Balloons in association with KC Promotions, a sensational display will hit the sky.

On Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st, this event will be the first of it’s kind in Merseyside and promises to be a spectacular celebration of hot air ballooning, with specially shaped designed balloons tethered to their moorings with roaring ignition flames leaping from their underneath.

Don’t miss the sculptured Churchill Insurance dog and the world’s largest Panasonic battery balloon!!!!! These are just awesome sights and if you view them at night, with the light display and laser show …it’s a knockout!!!

On the Saturday night the event will feature a spectacular ‘Glow Night’, where all the balloons light up to choreographed music, surrounded by mind boggling illuminating inflatables, culminating in an awesome firework display over the racecourse.
This is a sight to delight every child and adult and well worth a drive down to the racecourse.

Additional attractions will include, white knuckle thriller rides, helicopter rides, wild circus acts, the inflatable stage Roadshow with support acts and Lady Gaga tribute band; the usual craft and trade stands, with a massive array of licensed bar and food courts to quell the excitement of a warm, glorious weekend event that’s right on our doorstep.

Aintree Balloon Festival Sat, Sun 12.Noon-

6 responses to “Aintree Hot Air Balloon Festival.”

  1. Noreen donegan says :

    Well! Wouldn’t you know! Aintree balloon festival page can no longer be viewed!
    They’ve shit themselves because of all the bad comments about
    A) no balloons!
    B) still charging £3 each to enter the fair….. Even tho there are no balloons!
    C) overpriced rides after charging a family of four £12 just to ENTER.
    D) charging an additional £1 for Parkin in a supposedly ‘secure’ car park where one person had their car STOLEN and another had their wheel trims nicked!
    C) unsafe rides / rides breaking down. (The £5 a go skyswing broke last night while it was UP!)
    D) the helicopter rides ceased yesterday cos the helicopter broke.
    E) the toilets where RANCID by 1 pm yesterday. Only about 10 of them for thousands of people.
    F) overpriced food (between 3.50 and 5 quid for a BURGER! About 3 quid for Chips!)
    G) filthy ice cream vans and the people in them. Clothes and hand rotten.
    H) rude and unhelpful staff.

    Just a warning for anyone planning to go today. DON’T. you’ll have a cheaper and better day at southport.
    The reason the page is inaccessible is so no more people can see the hundreds of comments. Just a few if which are above.
    Don’t waste your money. It’s just an overpriced, badly run traveling fair.

  2. Ramsey Warren says :

    The Aintree Balloon festival was an absolute joke and you should be embarassed at having anything to do with it. Kiddie rides were “supervised” by giggly teenages who spent time texting on their mobiles and missed the lad at the top of the bouncy castle kicking the other one in the face, meathead security guards strutting around with handcuffs dangling from their waists (illegal to use?), rides breaking down mid-air, harnesses and straps on the rides broken or people told you dont need them, FAKE cigarettes being given out at prizes on the stalls. The toilets were DISGUSTING and worse than I have seen at any festival. And for the finale NO BALLOONS. This was the main reason people went and they stayed on the ground !! The whole day was a sham and they should be stopped from coming again and putting Liverpool to shame like this !!

  3. Carl Mannion says :

    This festival was a total shambles. Sorry there is nothing better to say about it. The organisation, KC Promotions has even deleted the Facebook page (I suspect) due to the high volume of very negative comments from patrons :-(

  4. andreascultureblog says :

    I’m really disturbed to hear the comments here. I’ll be writing to the organisers of the Aintree Hot Air balloon Festival to ask for their comments on what happened. Andrea (Culture Champ)

    • Ann Dubelyu says :

      Also, they had goldfish on every stall as prizes, little kids were walking round swinging bags with fish in. Surely this is illegal? As well as the fact they had bottles of cheap wine as prizes….at a children’s fair!!!!

      Illegal? I think so.
      The ONLY good point to it was the craft fair in the tent.

  5. S Jessop says :

    Aintree Balloon Festival – Never again! total rip off and false advertising! they disappointed a lot of families and must have made a fortune at the same time! No wonder their facebook page was deleted – people returned home and headed straight for their laptop – the page was full of negative comments. A travelling fair and that’s all it was and a very expensive one at that! I only went hoping to get some good photos of ALL the balloons!!! hahahaha.

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