Nina Kraviz. If you haven’t heard her name yet…you will soon……

The camera absolutely adores Nina and of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity of putting her in the spotlight!

I’ve met Nina (the worlds number one female DJ) on several occasions, once in Moscow 2007 when she was singing in a group called ‘Sputnik’, then changed to ‘MySpacerocket’. Her Liverpool gig at the weekend was an absolute powerhouse sell-out at East Village Arts Club…… and she will be back.

It just goes to show that, in what was a male dominated buisness, she has made her mark with DJing and is now internationally known for her music mixing, and as a producer and a singer in her own right. Check out her webpage, songs and itinerary for the year.

Originally from Irkutsk, Siberia…in the far east of Russia near Mongolia and on the Trans-Siberian Railway route. When you think you are there (you need a landing craft ten times as big as the Yellow Duck) to get across the river to the town, anyway, she moved to Moscow to study dentistry and decided the music industry was better.

Her Russian is perfect, along with the multitude of other foreign languages she has conquered, and they all hold her in good stead for the massive glide around Europe which she takes each year to venues in Croatia, Hungary, Germany, UK, France, even Australia and Japan….the list is endless….. but Liverpool still holds her with a fascination.

As a resident DJ in Ibiza she pounds out her tones to the raving audience of fellow Russian oligarchs and Europeans who flock to watch a fellow countrywoman at work.

Why write about Nina, well, like Natalia Vodianova who I wrote about a few months ago and who has a connection with Liverpool also, they are Russian, women, similar in looks and passage to fortune. A passage which took them from the depths and catapulted them to fame through determination, and a strong focus on what they wanted out of life.
Nina, makes a statement with the music she records and plays, but she also says something – she causes a reaction and sparks debates on the music scene because she holds no bars and speaks her mind. Perhaps it’s because she’s a powerful woman in a male dominated industry. She has made it in a ‘guys’ industry and it has been difficult, but her opportunist mentality and focus has been commendable and it’s that which I like and admire. Like Natalia, Nina will give you time, no matter how much she is pressured with schedules…….. and that’s important. To come so far, and do so much, with time to spare.
http://www.East Village arts club
http://www.Nina Kraviz

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