Friday Food Slam, Every Friday at Camp and Furnace.

With a weekly changing menu of rotating chefs and dishes you can………. take your pick……Mexican beef or veggie stew, Spicy chickpea stew topped with goats cheese, BBQ languistines with complimentary glass of French wine a gut-busting all-american corndog stand with peanut-mustard sauce!!!! Yes it’s packed again tonight and with a great vibe with people eating not just drinking.

This is another fantastic idea from the creators of Camp and Furnace and a perfect use of the cavernous Furnace space. Music, birch trees and picnic tables abound with that open feel and atmosphere creating the perfect harmony to eat, chat and be seen to enjoy.

Friday nights are just one large supper party where food, music and drink just melt into crazy dance.

There are big plans on the horizon for this super venue. Nights in the future will incorporate tastings and workshops to showcase brand new food trends and you’ll see top chefs making an appearance on the night.

This venue will be big news hitting the street.
What better way to start the weekend. But be warned…Friends arrived a little over an hour after doors, already- alas-some of the dishes were running out.

No booking required…But, First come…first served!

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