Coffee Culture Art Exhibition at Unit 51

“Coffee and creativity go hand in hand”  Coffee Commandments Inc.

Coffee Commandments Art Promo Poster (1)The hugely successful National Coffee week and its Liverpool based fringe put the spotlight on coffee and creativity. As part of the London celebrations, Liverpool-based Coffee Commandments Inc took part in the Coffee Art Project at London’s Old Truman Brewery which saw the work shown in the capital for the first time.

Coffee Commandments Inc are Anna Di Scala and Sebastian Gahan and the duo’s work celebrates cafe culture with a series of they jointly refer to as commandments. The series melds the classical forms of pencil and ink strokes and the modern art of digital manipulation to produce fine art images that are truly unique.

Sebastian tells me that the idea for the series began over a semi-serious conversation about the Ten Commandments of coffee in a small cafe on the back streets of Liverpool and soon the art was flowing producing more than the traditional Ten Commandments could handle.

Their artwork, freshly returned from that there London, will be on display for a short time from Monday 6th May at Unit 51, Jamaica Street, Liverpool L1 0AH.

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