Nine Giant Bales of Waste………… get you thinking!

“What a load of old rubbish”, I heard somebody say at the Walker Art Gallery recently….call this art! But wait a minute! This is Liverpool 2012 Art Prize Winner Robyn Woolstons latest waste and recycling-related artwork- nine giant bales of waste plastic weighing a total of more than three tonnes, the equivalent of at least 18 baby elephants.

To understand the art you must understand the artist, Robyn Woolston, is a visual artist who is passionate about people, relationships and the way the world works.

She believes the stories we share together profoundly influence our sense of relationship to one another.

Her focus often examines the parts of society that others shy away from.

From difficult emotions to consumer waste, she makes visible that which is forgotten, left behind and discarded.

‘Strangers In A Strange Land’, her latest work to go on show in the ornate splendour of the Walker Art Gallery, has taken some people aback, but as Robyn says, “It’s not often people can have this conversation and be this close to this quantity of waste” and we are talking masses of plastic bags and packaging here, some of it from John Lewis and Waitrose and all loaned by Liverpool recycling giant Centriforce.

Robyn hopes that by raising questions that concern social, economic and ecological perspectives she can show how connected we really are to Earth’s finite resources. Especially within a financial system that places profit above planet and people.

This is sheer in your face art with a very strong message, and I’m all for tactics that get people thinking and even making a comment…it’s art that touches a raw nerve with people, but could it have had it’s message exhibited to a far greater audience in a shopping centre mall!

The work on display will have an extra life when the exhibition closes in June, with the bales being turned into furniture and other recycled products.

She states: “There is no ‘other’ place, space or location for waste, uncomfortable emotions or culturally unpalatable events. Everything exists in correlation, only some things won’t last forever.

Fantastic, static, plastic ‘Strangers In A Strange Land’is on display, if you wish to view, and make a comment, at the Walker Art Gallery till June.
What do you think?

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