Tony Teardrop at St Lukes Church 21 March – 6 April 2013

tony tearIt was with empathy we sat in St Lukes (Bombed Out) Church in freezing cold weather, wrapped in our blankets and looking like the down and outs that this play was about.  Open to the elements and the lights outlining the majestic inside of the skeleton building, it was a formidable setting for the premier of the play about the residential support centre for the homeless.  The story, written by Ester Wilson and inspired by real stories, tells the tale of Tony Teardrop a resident in the home and his journey through his interior landscape looking for the true meaning of ‘home’.  With the noise of the traffic and the Police helicopter flying over, this story seemed more lifelike than being in a theatre.   

The brash and rough character of  Tony Teardrop was played brilliantly by Neil Bell.  Through his black humour and different perspective of life, the audience warmed to his character and his fellow ‘space cadets’.  The story of how a new manager to the centre perceived her job to the rest of the staff and the consequences that this brought to the lives of the residents was told with heart rendering reality in this current climate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this play, the acting  and setting was superb.  Despite thinking how mad I was, going to sit in the freezing cold for one and half  hours, I had a great evening and am so glad I went to see this unforgettable play.

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