Rocky Horror Show’s 40th Anniversary Party Production – Liverpool Empire 11th-16th February 2013

rockyJune 1973 was the first time the worlds favourite Rock and Roll musical was performed and has rock and rolled ever since.  Approaching the theatre, I was wondering if I was a bit under-dressed as I gazed around at the feather boas, fish net tights and stiletto heels and that was only the men.  The audience was up for it with their painted faces and amazing costumes.  I thought it would be a certain age group attending but I think some of them had been cult followers from the first show.  It all added to the pre show excitement of what was to come.

This science fiction story enfolded with great audience participation, with all the wit that had us in tucks laughing.  Then they sung the Time Warp and it was the cue for the whole audience to jump to their feet, then jump to the left……….

The cast played their parts brilliantly but a special mention must go to Roxanne Pallett as Janet and Ben Forster as Brad.  It was good to see Rocky, played by Rhydian from the X Factor, with his six-pack strutting his stuff as a singer and dancer.  But the star was Frank-N-Furter, Oliver Thornton.  What a presence on the stage and how he could move in those high-heeled shoes. 

This show has a cult following and I can understand why.  I did not know what to expect and thought I would be with a younger audience only to be surprised, this really was a Time Warp, and I felt back in the 70s with the rest of them.  A standing ovation was greatly deserved and don’t miss this opportunity to see this great production.

The show is on until 16 February for more information visit

4 responses to “Rocky Horror Show’s 40th Anniversary Party Production – Liverpool Empire 11th-16th February 2013”

  1. andreascultureblog says :

    great post, ray. Shame you didn’t go in fishnets – I’d have paid good money to see that!

  2. wishartandculture says :

    Mmmm I don’t know y’know andrea.I could’ve sworn I saw a Danny la rue-alike in the Crowd screaming out ‘happy days!

  3. Babs says :

    I’m absolutely gutted I missed out on seeing the Rocky Horror this time around! Glad to hear it was good xxx

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