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Right now, I am sweltering in the heat, reading book after book, while outside temperatures barely move above -20 degrees. … is freezing outside….. looks like a winter wonderland with deep, crisp and even snow and it was -32 degrees last week. My home is in what’s called, a ‘blok’- a Communist built block of flats. It has every home amenity.  You can find identically built ‘bloki’ in Siberia, Slovakia, Moscow, or Vladivostok, infact anywhere in the old USSR. The heating system in these ‘bloki’ was the best thing that ever came out of the era. They never turn the heat off!

A children’s communal play area was always built in the middle of these buildings but sadly, some were neglected in the past and never fully utilised by the children. Now, a majority of them are used as carparks.

Natalia had nowhere to play as a child.

Natalia, had an impoverished Russian childhood, a sister with cerebral palsy, single parent mother and couldn’t go to school normally because often she had to babysit…she struggled.

This lifestyle affected her so much that when she came into a bit of money, she started up a charity called ‘The Naked Heart Foundation’ in 2004. Like Natalia, we share the same goals having had a childhood giving resilience, with little that can surprise in life. Equipped with learn’t and inherited life skills-tools that other people don’t necessarily have-such as the will to push that bit further, to make things happen, to succeed and get what you want, within reason.

She is someone I know, and believe in. She is so passionate about her goals in life.

The Naked Heart Foundation developed in Russia because Natalia wanted to do something purposeful with her life. She had nowhere to play as a child and her Charity Fund has created hundreds of new playgrounds in Russia.

The ONLY playground being funded outside Russia by her charity will be in Northumberland Street, Dingle, Liverpool. L8, an area I grew up in as a child.

This is an important venture as it puts eyes on our city and is reported on Russian TV and media in general.

The facility is a much needed one in the area.

It includes a sports arena, 5 a-side football and netball pitches and mini allotments for the children to grow vegetables. Deigned by local children.

The cost £100K.

Ready by Easter 2013.

If you want to know more about Natalia, then checkout the name and website and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find. No matter how money and lifestyle may influence ones life, some people still have the gift to ‘give back’.


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