A Great Night of Storytelling Delights…..

This night looks really good, especially if you frequent the Georgian Quarter around Pilgrim Street and relax in the continental cafes opposite the Blackburne House complex.

On Thursday 29th November, there will be a strange and bizarre night of storytelling and music at the Cafe bar in Blackburne House between 7.30-10pm.

This month, the amazing electro-folk ‘Harp and a Monkey’ will surely give you a treat with ‘Old Wives Tales’ from deepest Lancashire.

It’s a night of ancient wisdom and nonsense brought to you by the wise and foolish storytellers.

Having been to one of these jaunts before, I can say that they are well worth the entertainment, especially when you have a mixed audience well rehearsed in participation. Laughs all round with bizarre meanings given to the old sayings, “eating crusts makes your hair curly” “gain a child loose a tooth” “a bird in the house is unlucky” and “a pig on your head means rain for 12 days”. If you are looking for the unusal and a good load of belly laughs with song thrown in, then join the ‘Old Wives’ this Thursday evening at Blackburne House.

Blackburne House
Blackburne Place L87PE
0151 709 4356


One response to “A Great Night of Storytelling Delights…..”

  1. Emmikins says :

    Bizarre folk and unusual, nonsensical fools; sounds right up my street! If only it were, I’d be able to go….. :/

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