Culture Champion makes Film…..

This weekend will be the start of a brief film outlining the life and travels of a Liverpool Culture Champion……
The film will talk about the aims and objectives, the trials and tribulations, the joys and the pressures of ‘getting on board’ and making the most out of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you wish to be apart of the film and add your comments then join us as the crew and I dash about Liverpool on Saturday 24th November.

We will be checking in at the Nordic Christmas Festival, Park Lane, for some music, history, food, art, vibrant traditional Scandinavian costume photo opportunities and to meet Rodger Phillips of Radio Merseyside, before 12am. Then we will make a dash across town to St Cuthberts Old Swan to interview, then to the Liverpool Liver Buildings where the Liverpool Art Fair is held.

Here they are selling prestidgious glass, ceramics, oil and watercolour pictures; metal and wooden crafts will also be on sale and are of superb, quality.
The artware on sale will be fit to adorn any room or just given as a Christmas present.
We will round off part of the day in the Liver Buildings, by watching a full choir singing carols in the stunning location and, eat mince pies and drink from a tankard of mulled wine. What better way to get in the festive spirit!

Other venues for filming will include, the Anglican and Metropolitan cathedrals and various retail enterprises filled with shoppers.
There will be a fact finding mission with the camera crew in and out of local Tesco and Asda stores which according to the management of these commercial enterprises…. quote “A Wonderful opportunity for the Culture Champions to be seen and heard”. Be there, and make sure you are….. seen and heard.

Further filming will take place at strategic locations in and around Liverpool until the end of January.
Watch the blog for further installments.

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