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If at the beginning of my role as one of Liverpool’s Cultural Champions I would have become pregnant then right about now I’d more than likely be crying ” Get it out! Get it out! Why hasn’t the epidural worked? and other such favoured and deserved lines of the expectant mother. In an obviously  far less traumatic way this has kind of occurred. No banana flavour pizza cravings or swollen feet (well maybe the odd blister) but a healthy gestation period of three trimesters each one enabling the next to build and thrive eventually giving birth to  a wailing newborn. This newborn would be ME

After reading a very recent blog from my fellow Champion Andrea I felt inspired nay compulsed to endorse her statement about changing your relationship with the City. For what us Cultural Champions would hope to achieve I don’t think it could have been put better and it’s in changing my relationship with this City that I have become the aforementioned newborn.  I’m not about to advertise events that are upcoming or places to go or things to see (although I do promise  handy links  to appear at the end). Rather I would advertise a change of habit. Over these nine months my habits changed dramatically from a bloke who sought comfort usually from laying horizontally on his couch in an effort to decompress and slumber away the weekly toil to someone on the lookout for an inexpensive and fulfilling new event and in truth it was instantaneous.

Apart from  giving you the old platitude of  ‘ keep an open mind’  If I had to give any practical advice it would simply be to ditch the T.V. guide for a Whats on Guide and take your pick. Dare yourself to go. I guarantee they’ll be expecting you. We don’t have a Biennial in Liverpool just so  the Art Students have something every two years to muse over. It was for YOU. Yes YOU.  An Open Mic night at that Cool Bistro isn’t  just for the Musos to check out the competition. It’s for YOU. The free Origami workshop at the local Library is there for YOU. Honestly I swear.

Even as a Cultural Champion I held certain reservations about my entitlement to appear at a new event on the grounds that I had no background in whatever  was launched. I quickly got on to the fact that there is nothing expected of me but to be there . This applies to all.  Armed with this reassurance I didn’t just dip my toes but plunged Tom Daley style into what the Pool provided ( Hows about that for a play on words eh!). Each event seemed to be a stepping stone to another event I’d have never  known of  had I not turned up to the former and so on and so forth. New friendships forged,  new talent witnessed, unexpected surprises and a busy diary were all a consequence of this change of habit. This new relationship with Liverpool. This New birth. This Year of the Butterfly effect.

For those about to dip their toes we salute you:

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3 responses to “THE YEAR OF THE BUTTERFLY (effect)”

  1. andreascultureblog says :

    Brilliant, Johny. Brilliant x

  2. liverpoolculturalchampionrayfosberg says :

    What a writer, what a Blog. congratulations, excellent John.

  3. noonanjohnc says :

    Good post!

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