‘Joanna’ a film by Feliks Falk at FACT Thursday 25th October 6.30pm

The film I am going to tell you about, takes us to a German occupied town in the midst of the II World War where Joanna, a Polish waitress, decides to take care of a seven-year old Jewish girl until her family will be found.

The film like Schindlers List takes place in Krakow. It shows a life during the occupation, a life which is outwardly normal.

The main character Joanna, is waiting in vain for her husband who is in an Oflag. She gives shelter to a little Jewish girl whose mother was caught up in a round-up.

Thus she becomes burdened with a secret she cannot reveal.

Sheltering little Roza is a personnel torture. It forces her to cooperate with the SS, becoming a traitor in the eyes of “her people”.

The measures of precaution protect her from the death penalty for hiding a Jew, until one night the Nazis knock on her door……..At that moment Joanna has to decide whether to engage or whether to stay safe.

This heroine endures all kinds of stress while illegally harboring a Jewish child during the German occupation.

The film immerses you in the turmoil and the insecurities of war; there are questions that everyone is suddenly confronted with sooner or later in life…..decisions…choices.

This film brings them to the forefront.

How much is one willing to sacrifice? Is one really as good as one sees oneself?

For those looking for more ambitious cinema, cinema which poses questions and evokes discussion then this film is a must see!

It is a well acted drama that gets a respectable wade into a bleak historical chapter with wonderful photography and is a delight to watch for the film buffs out there.

Close-ups and expression; high emotions interplay with tension and terror throughout the film.
The intimacy of the acting and the sparingly used music emphasise the heroine’s growing internal restlessness and contribute to the film’s claustrophobic atmosphere.
Aspects of this film remind us of Polanski’s drama The Pianist.

It’s a film of true timeless validity.
It’s a film with an endless list of awards.

You will enjoy it…

If you give it a try and venture into…….

World Cinema at FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ


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