Na szlaku UNESCO-Zamosc miasto idealne.

Must share this secret city.

Zamosc, a jewel of Renaissance architecture; its city walls encircle more than 100 World Heritage Listed monuments and it’s awesome!.

I love this city and it’s practically unknown to tourists throughout the west, which makes it a great place to explore. There are few places where history feels as close as it does here.

Full of spooky, cobbled back streets with history oozing from every alley, this place offers a range of timeless sights for anyone pepared to venture off the beaten tracks.

Classy outdoor bistro’s and Bohemian cellar bars in the old town are peppered with beautiful terrace cafes in the main squares that make me sit and take a trip back in time as I gaze at a wealth of history before my eyes.

Floodlights illuminate the stunning romantic architecture as you relax and sip your cocktails in the soft, warm evening air. And then you take a promenade through the ancient streets, window shopping or perhaps stopping off for a coffee and chat.

Zamosc is the perfect embodiment of the Renaissance concept of an ideal city. The Pearl of the North, the Padua of the North and the town of Arcades have all been used to describe this truly unique town.

It’s a place I stroll through aimlessly again and again always discovering something new and being more fun than walking with a map in the hand from one sight to the next.

This unique urban design, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was created in the 16th the Italian architect Bernardo Morando commissioned by Jan Zamoyski, Grand Hetman and Chancellor of the Crown.

I always enjoy a summer in Zamosc as it teems with cultural and artistic events.
The Market Square becomes the site of the Zamosc Theatrical Summer International EUROFOLK Festival, Fairs are abundant, Historical enactments, Cultural Festivals and Music Festivals every weekend.
I enjoy this city alot and would like to share it with you…. check it out on…….

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