It’s so nice to look at art but to make it is even better so, I was amazed to find that Liverpool had such an art making facility to offer the public at the Bluecoat Print Studios.

Experimental and exciting work here gives a wide range of training in techniques of printing, from soft ground etching and drypoint to aquatinting and gum Arabic transfer.

This was definitely an activity to get the girls involved in and give them a bit of education and enjoyment during the school holidays.

Firstly, we had to meet Emma Gregory the lead printer and expert in the establishment. Emma has a wealth of talent and a passion for the art of printing.

With Emma Gregory’s expert tuition in the handling and process of printing, we embarked upon a print making session using the full range of professional print making equipment available.

The girls began by etching their own pictures on plain card using one of the many tools and samples available as a guide. Then their cards were transfered to the ink table where ink pads dabbed in the black substance were then pressed into the etched pictures…a long messy, messy process but a bit of a giggle for the girls.

Emma gave the girls a potted history of print making during this time and then the fnale came with the use of Liverpool’s only 100yr old printing press.

The inked pictures were carefully placed on the roller and the great wheel was turned very slowly. This was hard torturous work so I offered to lend a hand and turn the big wheel ever so slowly so as not to let the cards move between the rollers. After a few moments, the results of their labours were revealed with great anticipation.

The finished masterpieces now adorn their bedrooms and the skills learn’t now present me with an order for card and inks but not the purchase of a press….we will leave that we hope to our friend Emma’s hospitality. The whole process certainly encouraged me to take an interest in printing and along with the girls we have now developed using metal plates to etch fine, intricate pictures.

The print gallery is open 8.00am-6.00pm weekdays and the printmaking is available to anyone interested in exploring the creative possibilities of print.
0151 702 5324


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