The disturbing forest…And Then They Came For Me.

Yesterday, I took a bike ride around the lakes and through the forest. It’s a trail I take most mornings and evenings. The place is many, many miles from where you are now. A town surrounded by 50 kilometers of beautiful woodland, forest streams and waterfalls; of deer, wild boar, red squirrel, porcupine, beaver and wonderful delicate flowers appearing suddenly in glades amidst rays of bright sunlight.

Suddenly a cold, wet, air touches your face like the shadow of a hand brushing across you, and your there, in a damp, eerie, forest clearing. Nothing moves, nothing is heard, no bird insect or animal, just silence, a stony, icy silence.

I have ridden here many times and stll the silence of this place haunts like no other. For this to happen once then I would accept it…… but on every occassion.
The other side of the clearing is a large boulder strewn with misshapen candles and inscribed in Russian and Polish with the story of how every Jewish person from the local town, man, woman and child, was marched to this very spot and murdered by the then ruling Nazi occupation forces.

This Sunday 29th July at 2.45pm, the Epstein Theatre will show a one off performance of the award winning play about Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss, the step-sister of Anne Frank.
A few months ago in London, I met Eva and watched this play.

It is a theatrical ground breaking production in the sense that it shows a unique multi-media style of blending videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors. All this is timely interrupted with live actors who then sympathetically recreate scenes from the survivors lives during World War II. It all certainly gives a powerful emotive punch.

Part oral history, part dramatic action, part direct address and part remembrance; the play has been acclaimed by audiences and critics world-wide.
I will not give out the price of a charity ordained ticket for this play but details can be found on
“And Then They Came For Me” is based on the book ‘Eva’s Story’by James Still……and is …. Remembering the World of Anne Frank… all too familiar happening for me.


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