Game On! Euro 2012 National Stadium Poland

I’ve just walked across Warsaw’s ultramodern National Stadium built especially for the Euro 2012 soccer tournamant which Poland is hosting together with Ukraine and it is stunning in every way possible. UEFA has given it the highest rating, category four in its classification of stadium and it rightly deserves this accolade. It’s got a 60,000 seat capacity, a partly transparent retractable roof made of fiberglass with a Teflon layer, which protects not only the stands but also the pitch, underpitch carpark for 2,000 cars, four big restaurants,50 fast-food outlets, Olympic sized swimming pool, massive gym facilities, hotel, offices, conference center for over 8,000 and more….. This is a multi- functional sporting facility that has been designed to host alsolutely everything from music concert to conference and it will be opening the World Cup with a bang!.The best soccer watching of the year will be ahead of us beginning with this Fridays Poland v Greece meeting in the first match of the European Championship.Poland is a powerhouse of football at the moment with the stars of the pitch on every corner because 13 of Euro’s 2012’s 16 teams have decided to be based here. I seem to have the opportunity to see the biggest stars of the tournament, at least in training. UEFA regulations stress that participating teams must hold training sessions open to the public and I have already had glimpses of stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Robin van Persie……Reading a recent Polish newspaper, I was bemused with an article giving the value of the Euro 2012 teams in millions of euros…..First was Spain, then Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, France, Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, and Greece. Spain will win.


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