Liverpool Slavery History a facinating trail.

My fascination with all things connected to the River Mersey, where I first disembarked at the Pier Head as a young child from tropical shores, drew me back  to examine the legacy of  Slavery,  and the impact upon the socio-economic development of the City of Liverpool.

I was the guest of Mr Eric Lynch, a Liverpool Historian on the Liverpool Slave Trade,  and in my book a walking encyclopedia,  passionate to the core in terms of the wealth and depth of his knowledge on this subject matter.

Mr Eric Lynch-The Slavery History Tour

It became very clear to me how little we LOOK UP when we are walking around our City, and how much of our culture and history we simply miss by doing so. From the Albert Dock, this walk captures so many iconic buildings such as the Cunard, Merseyside Docks and Harbour along the water front, where the heart of our commercial and financial district are undeniably intrinsically linked with the legacy of Slavery.Eric’s tour takes you from the Liverpool Maritime Museum, across to the various location on the Albert Dock where slave ships came into port from their journeys throughout the African Diaspora,  and the many key historical locations  and developments that resulted from trading in human lives,  and the forceful removal of many generations from far away shores.

French Prisoners of War at statue base-Exchange Flags

This tour was by no means a down beat experience, it was both enlightening, thought-provoking and certainly educational at all levels.  I cannot do justice to the vast amount of information that was presented to me by Mr Eric Lynch during his tour, and I can honestly recommend this walk to anyone with an interest in our diverse communities, historical legacies along with the architectural, cultural and artistic influences that prevails to this day here in Liverpool.


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