Champion enjoys LDCSA Choir Festival

I drove to this event thinking, “wouldn’t it be fantastic if it could be held in St Georges Hall; space, parking,atmosphere and the prestige that the children would get would be enormous”. Sadly this was not the case as finance restrictions seem to rule alot these days.  I just love free massive cultural events, though this one beats all for high value entertainment year on year and surprises the socks off me every time. You can pay a fortune for tickets to choir festivals in plush venues but this one beats all in quality and talent.

I suited up on Tuesday night and ventured out to St Margarets, Pilch Lane in Liverpool – a superb venue for the night’s attraction. Hundreds of children and parents packed in for a well rehearsed, well drilled, well stage managed performance of roll on, roll off singing reportoir. Staff have acted as powerful conductors and moulded the young singers into well polished, professional choral groups who perform to a packed audience with ease. Songs included “Lift the flame on high” (Olympic song, very apt), to “Singing in the rain” and “Count on me” by Bruno Mars. All compilations of solo, trio and enmass singers showing good concentration, preparation and smiles galore in front of an audience. The contrasting dynamics of the songs can be commended.

Choir leader Jennifer Hall with her Emmaus choir never ceases to amaze with her well directed and controlled conducting all conveyed to the singers and copied to the hilt, the choir both perfomed and sang practically every Beatles song  in the book to perfection one after another. A fitting contribution to the activites happening a stone’s throw away in Knotty Ash celebrating 50 years of Beatle magic. It’s evenings like this that just show the immense talent Liverpool has and it is this talent that is nurtured by dedicated teachers and organisers backed by supportive parents to “get it right on the night”. All praise goes to the staff, Mr Roderick for being the MC and Mary Black, Senior lecturer in music at Liverpool Hope for adjudicating and Dennis Hardiman Chair of Liverpool and District Catholic Schools Association Choir Festival.

I find events like this at ground roots level provide our children and their parents with a springboard into the world of culture. It is this initial grounding and enjoyment in the arts that they get at events such as this that really needs to be developed further and can be if the price is right and the attraction is there. So often I hear from mums and dads that they would love to go to a theatrical or musical production only to be shocked by the price of a ticket. Alot throw suggestions such as an open day approach where for one performance the production or musical in the theatre was free.

This would be a good place to start and at the same time pigs might fly, which can only add to the marvel!

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