Alice in Wonderland, Tate , Liverpool.

Another amazing exhibition at the Tate, Albert Dock, I need to go back because it was so crowded I didn’t see all that I wanted to see. Lewis Carroll’s (pen name) novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were 1st published over 150 year ago . It is these books that provide the starting point for the exhibition at the Tate. The exhibition explores the influence his work has had on artists from all over the world .  The books written as a present for 10 year old  Alice Liddell after the author spent a day in the company of Alice and her two sisters when he entertained them with his story telling and young Alice begged him to write down the stories for her . He did, also illustrated the stories and the rest as they say ‘is History’ !    There are  many paintings of Alice and her sisters by famous artists and a grand collection of pencil drawings , the original no less and very detailed.   One item of interest was a programme of Alice in Wonderland from 1911 when this was performed at the Empire LIverpool.  I also liked the framed furnishing fabric from 1920 by Charles Voysey  a very intricate pattern of all the characters from the book. I can just imagine a nursery decorated with this when it was ‘ the latest thing’ in fashion and a very lucky child from an affluent family enjoyed the fun element of the decor.  Also on display other objects ,  tea sets and a fine display of articulated ‘Alice ‘ related hand-made painted wooden figures by Thomas and Greta Shuster  from 1900  , very early marketing toys!!!     The  exhibition runs until  January 29th 2012.    There will be specially themed  days  of  family activities in the gallery Saturday 5 November , 1pm-16.30.   Also A MADHATTER’S WEEKEND,  12th and 13th November 2011 a celebration  of Alice in Wonderland   across the Albert Dock  10am-4pm,  join the fun with the family.

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