Mersey River Festival Liverpool – Boats and lot’s lot’s more!

After a break of 6 years this great festival is returning with a bang!

The Cunard Lines newest ship, Queen Elizabeth, is visiting the port on 8th September. As always the Liverpool Ukulele Orchestra will be performing for the disembarking passengers. In the evening local legend and ex Groundpig guitarist John O’Connell will be performing on the Waterfront, for free!!!!

It gets better! On Saturday 10th September another Queen visits the Liverpool waterfront. This time it’s the Queen of Soul Beverly Knight! Yes, Beverly Knight!!!

And it’s free!!

Over the weekend of 10th and 11th September 11 tall ships will visit the docks. A great sight and wonderfully enjoyable for the whole family.

Finally a third queen visits on 15th September, one of the largest cruise liners in the world the Queen Mary 2. Three queens in a week! There are things I could say.

You can get more information from

Check out what John O’Connell is up to on

Now, where did I keep my sailors hornpipe…………….

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