Video Citizen Journalism.

That me, !   Today at The Casa (near the Philharmonic Pub) ‘ visionontv ‘  with  Hamish Campbell and Richard Hering  ( with incredible patience) talked a group of would-be citizen tv reporters through the maze of creating news reports.  We actually made 2-3 minute video news reports with cameras, video cameras, mobile phone cameras (s0me more professional than others… Namely ME)  but it was informative, interesting and quite a challenge, the group ranged from me (rubbish) to others who are regulars users of  this type of  effective communication .  I have learned some new skills ,when I get the confidence I will use them. The printed cartoon type handouts with easy to read template instructions ( designed by hoon yoon) were very useful. Tomorrow we consolidate and capture footage to use later. Encoding and uploading , do I sound as if I know what I am talking about??? I might by tomorrow!   The Caladonia, 2 Caladonia St, L7 7dx 10 til 5.30.

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  1. argybargy17 says :

    Barb, this sounds really interesting!

    We should do a report of our year as champs!

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