Walker Art Gallery , On a very wet Sunday!

The Walker Art Gallery is a great place to spend a few hours.  It’s even better on a very wet, cold, windy afternoon.  In the warmth , after a nice cup of coffee and a scone (with jam and butter)  what more could a person ask for? Well you could ask for a top class Photographic Exhibition and until the 25th September you will get exactly that at the Walker. Paul recommended this exhibition,  ‘Like you’ve never been away’ ,   Photographs by Paul Trevor who came to Liverpool in 1975 and captured day to day activity on the terraced streets and high rise flats of Everton and Toxteth.   Photos on display for the first time show a part of Liverpool’s past and wow, how much these areas have changed for the better.  The images show a very different Liverpool, one that had a great close community, residents sitting out on the streets, chatting , knitting, watching the children play and joining in their fun. They didn’t have much in the way of material goods but they all seemed happy and listening to the video filmed recently with Paul Trevor and Helen Robinson of the Liverpool Museums, they had many happy memories, the children (now grown up) have been getting together to share those memories with Paul Trevor and each other.  I have earlier memories of the area from when my father Frank Keating was elected city councillor for St Domingo Ward, we all helped  in the distribution of leaflets pushing them through the letter boxes of this area, I knew it well and feel happy that the area is alive and prospering  it’s very different now.  When the exhibition closes the photos go to the New Liverpool Museum collection.  Well worth a visit even on a sunny day.


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