Saturday in the City.

At the ’08 Tourist Information in Whitechapel , the rain didn’t keep the tourists away it was busy with visitors coming in looking for activities out of the rain ! and there are  plenty of them in Liverpool.  Two young ladies from Germany were looking forward to their Beatle Taxi  Tour. An older couple booked on The Magical Mystery Tour, Four young Spaniards came in for directions to the Cavern two other girls came in with a printed paper the only word I understood was the word CAVERN , armed with maps and directions they all went out to explore in the footsteps of the  ‘ Fab Four ‘  .  After I left the ’08 Place the difference  in the weather was amazing , warm and sunny , crowds on the city streets . I walked through Liverpool ONE  the shops were busy , the Art and Craft Market was at last getting the attention it deserved and the crowds were appreciating the singers in Chevasse Park.  I met Kevin Roberts  (Customer Service Manager) Liverpool ONE  .  Their volunteer programme is really getting off the ground and working well ( I have it on good authority from the volunteers themselves)  Any one interested in joining them ?  CONNECT with      Ever heard of  THE CRAFTASTIC FAIR ?  10 til 4  Third Sunday in the month, Just up from St Luke’s  (the bombed out church)  Hardman St.  Interesting day today.

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