Living Apart – Photographs of Apartheid by Ian Berry – Maritime Museum Liverpool

This is a great historical record in photographs of the last 40 years of the Apartheid system in South Africa. Covering the period from the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960 (the only documentary record of the killing of peacful protestors by Apartheid security forces) to the plight of the white working class poor in South Africa today, the exhibition gives a real insight into the life of ordinary people.

Not only does this exhibition cover the most dramatic moments in South African history but gives a real insight into the lives of South Africans, both black and white (not to mention Coloureds, a race definition peculiar to the Apartheid system) both from the view of the non-white disenfranchised but also of the white Afrikaaners.

Anyone interested in photo journalism should visit this exhibition.

It is particularly poignant that the exhibition is running in Liverpool now given the recent death of a great Liverpool born photo journalist, Tim Hetherington. The exhibition shows not only the journalists eye for the right shot but also Ian Berry’s understanding of the human condition. Some of the shots say so much about the feelings of people than any newspaper article or TV documentary could ever do.

Coming after the recent Shackleton exhibition, itself a photographic exhibition, there is a wealth of photographic art in Liverpool at the moment. Seems like the curators of the Maritime Museum are frustrated photographers!

The exhibition is on 2nd floor of the Maritime Museum and runs until 6th November 2011.

Entrance free.

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