A big thank you to all the members who gave their time and expertise to conduct the tours on Saturday. It was fascinating ,such a wonderful history just one more thing to be proud of in Liverpool. The club, founded in 1797 has a long list of famous members who have helped make Liverpool the great City it is today.  A beautiful building full of wonderful paintings and artefacts , a splendid library which was like walking into a time capsule, we were able to look at old maps and in the beautiful committee room with its high ceiling, the original register from 1800 was on display. Other very old books also on display in beautiful Waring and Gillow bookcases. The Newsroom with its columns had a feeling that all was solid and timeless. The staircase is most unusual not a spiral and with no apparent support elliptical shaped.(hope that’s how its spelt)and very impressive when looking up. The groups were led up to the Dinning Room which has beautiful panelling and had a table laid up to show how they are now moving with the times and having weddings , what a wonderful setting for a wedding! Last year I couldn’t get in to visit this wonderful building. Next year try to make sure YOU visit. Its only open 1 day each year. I can’t do it justice with words here in this blog you have to see it with your own eyes.

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