Two Great Cathedrals.

Today I enjoyed playing tourist guide to my brother Frank and nephew Michael. They have come up to Liverpool for a few days . Born in Liverpool Frank has not had the opportunity for many years to really look at the city , flying visits for family reason were all that he was able to manage. The first time Michael came to Liverpool he was a few weeks old and was rushed through the Mersey Tunnel with a police escort to Alder Hey  Hospital  . The tunnel was closed to all traffic and the police broke all records getting to the hospital who managed to work one of their daily miracles saving Michael’s  life. 30 years later we took a leisurely drive/walk around Liverpool visiting our two wonderful Cathedrals. I love seeing people’s reactions to first time visits to these magnificent buildings, and listening to the comments from the first open mouthed WOW!. We went to the Catholic Cathedral first and they were amazed at the design and the scale of it. We were treated to some organ music and the response was “fantastic”.  When we went into the Anglical Cathedral the head went back and an open mouth breathed ” Awesome”!!  They were totally blown away by the sheer size and splendour, we were lucky enough to be given a treat and taken on to the knave bridge (I hope that’s the correct term)  by one of the ladies who volunteer and who share their time and expertise with visitors from all over the world. As we left a coach full of Japanese tourists were just arriving and displaying all the amazement we felt. We are so lucky to have these spectacular Cathedrals each so different but so special in their own way.

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