I’m back in the world of Blog-Yey!

Isn’t it mad how life takes over and time runs away with itself?

I’ve been very busy in the Alt Valley being cultural and getting involved with many exciting projects. Finally I have the time to talk about what I’ve been up to!

The most exciting thing at the mo is Romeo and Juliet, which is being rehearsed as I type, at the Croxteth fire station.  This is going to be a fantastic community event to be seen at the end of August.  It promises to be an amazing experience from start to finish- an outside production where the audience move around and follow the action in various locations across the fire station.  I’m meeting the cast and crew next week so will find out how eveything is going as the date gets nearer!-will keep you posted! For now you can check out their website here.

Other than this I loved the Lord Mayor’s parade, the Ralla loopline celebrations and the Four Corners exhibition. I hosted a culture tour of Liverpool and have seen a good few shows-phew!

I’ll shut up now (before I get into culture-waffle) and talk more about things in individual blogs-but it’s good to be back up and blogging-thanks very much for your excellent tuition Dominic!

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One response to “I’m back in the world of Blog-Yey!”

  1. Jenster says :

    Hey beckyincultureland.

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been browsing the site and your blogs have really inspired me. You’ve made me want to go to stuff I’d never normally try – that Romeo and Juliet for a start. And your “Seaside” and “Picasso” ones have reminded me what I love about this city of ours. Cheers!

    (Your name made me think of Alice in Wonderland, by the way! Liverpool being Wonderland, I guess?!)

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