Saw this and thought of you….

Came accross this today on good old Lord knows how long it’s been there:

Could be good, could be bad. I will endeavour to pop down on the 13th to the old haunted DIY shop and mooch about a bit…..

There’s also loads of live music on at the Bluecoat on Saturday if you’re in town from about 2pm-late. Here‘s the info on it (also from Open Culture, thanks there)…

Went back to the Watershed comedy night at Envi in town on Sunday night and it was really good. I think they’ve been struggling to generate a good atmosphere thus far because of low numbers but this time it was quite full and the acts were really good. I particularly liked a guy called Jay Edwards who provided us with lists of things such as ‘weird things I’ve woken up saying as I’ve emerged from a dream’ and stuff like that. Anyway, you had to be there…

My thoughts have already turned to Winter and I’m trying to get to go on some of those festive plays that the Empire always put on before Christmas. Every year, I try to arrange a really Christmassy day out with one of my mates which involves (like a cheesy montage) ice skating, watching a play, Christmas shopping and getting drunk on german mulled wine in the international markets. Determined this year, I tells ye! However in the meantime, I’ve had loads of stuff in the post advertising the autumn season for the theatres. Rubbing my hands together with glee, am I! Some good comedians on in the next few months and the previously mentioned Dr Who show, which I am now obsessed with the idea of.

Right, have officially run out of things to say (about half an hour ago by the looks of things-soz!)


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