On The Waterfront ,Again!

Today has been a fun day . The Gay Pride Parade made its  noisy, colorful  way around the city center, the atmosphere was happy and relaxed and along Whitechapel a large crowd clapped and cheered. I was in the 08′ Place ,doing my volunteering meeting and greeting visitors , it was really busy with lots of people wanting info on the Waterfront Activities and the Gay Pride route and programme. I took time to watch the Parade and take a few photos. The Liverpool Samba School was heading the parade (they have been so busy recently) and our new Lord Mayor Hazel Williams  (another busy person) was walking at the front giving her support to the event. She looked as though she was enjoying it.  Later the Lord Mayor attended the Waterfront evening events and after watching the Argentinian Aerial Group she said “BRILLIANT” and the crowds agreed ,the whole evening was amazing with the Street Theatre, the Steel Drum Band and VOALA  Ariel “FLYERS”all performers deserve the applause they received. AND tomorrow there is MORE. The Glen Miller Tribute Band will be playing and more dancers will take to the floor.  You’ve gotta love It.

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2 responses to “On The Waterfront ,Again!”

  1. argybargy17 says :


    Great night at The Waterfront last night. I have posted some photo’s on the blog.

    Really happy atmosphere. Reminded me of Capital of Culture year. Nice to see so many people at the Pier Head enjoying the music and dance. Need more of this.

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    You are right, I wanted more of it today but I have been washing ,ironing and doing housework today, I need to be at the Waterfront with the Glen Miller Tribute Band. Its been nice weather for them today bet it was crowded.

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